C-more Touch Panel User Manual and Product Inserts

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Manual Contents

PDF Document Revision History (Current version is 2nd Ed., Rev. D)
PDF Document Table of Contents
PDF Document Manual Index
PDF Document Important Safety Warning


Chapter 1 PDF Document Getting Started
Chapter 2 PDF Document Specifications
Chapter 3 PDF Document Accessories
Chapter 4 PDF Document Installation and Wiring
Chapter 5 PDF Document System Setup Screens
Chapter 6 PDF Document PLC Communications
Chapter 7 PDF Document Maintenance
Chapter 8 PDF Document Troubleshooting
Chapter 9 PDF Document Replacement Parts


Appendix A PDF Document PLC Protocol Error Codes
Appendix B PDF Document Touch Panel Runtime Errors
Appendix C PDF Document Mounting Clips prior to April 2006

C-more Maintenance and Accessory Instruction Sheets

Note The following individual instruction sheets are included with the optional accessories and replacement parts, and although the information is included in the EA-USER-M manual, these instruction sheets are part number specific.

Bulb Replacement Instructions
PDF Document ea8bulb_insert.pdf EA-8-BULB: Backlight Bulb Replacement Instructions - 8-inch panels
PDF Document ea10bulb_insert.pdf EA-10-BULB: Backlight Bulb Replacement Instructions - 10-inch panels
PDF Document ea12bulb_insert.pdf EA-12-BULB: Backlight Bulb Replacement Instructions - 12-inch panels
PDF Document ea15bulb_insert.pdf EA-15-BULB: Backlight Bulb Replacement Instructions - 15-inch panels

Bezel Replacement Instructions
PDF Document ea8bezel_insert.pdf EA-8-BEZEL: Bezel Replacement Instructions - 8-inch panels
PDF Document ea10bezel_insert.pdf EA-10-BEZEL: Bezel Replacement Instructions - 10-inch panels
PDF Document ea12bezel_insert.pdf EA-12-BEZEL: Bezel Replacement Instructions - 12-inch panels
PDF Document ea15bezel_insert.pdf EA-15-BEZEL: Bezel Replacement Instructions - 15-inch panels

6" Adapter Plate Instructions
PDF Document ea6adptr_insert.pdf EA-6-ADPTR: 6” Adapter Plate Installation
PDF Document ea6adptrgsk_insert.pdf EA-6-ADPTR-GSK: 6” Adapter Plate Gasket Replacement Instructions

Mounting Clip Instructions
PDF Document eabrk1_insert.pdf EA-BRK-1: 6" Mounting Clips Installation Instructions
PDF Document eabrk2_insert.pdf EA-BRK-2: 8 - 15" Mounting Clips Installation Instructions

Other Instructions
PDF Document eaac_insert.pdf EA-AC: AC Power Adapter Installation
PDF Document eacfif_insert.pdf EA-CF-IF: CF Card Interface Module Installation Instructions
PDF Document eacomcon3_insert.pdf EA-COMCON-3: D-SUB 15-pin to Terminal Block Adapter
PDF Document eaadptr4_insert.pdf EA-ADPTR-4: D-SUB 15-pin 90 degree PLC Communication Adapter
PDF Document eaexpopt_insert.pdf EA-EXP-OPT: Expansion Assembly Installation Instructions
PDF Document eaxxcov2_insert.pdf EA-XX-COV2: Non-glare Screen Cover Installation Instructions
PDF Document eaxxgsk_insert.pdf EA-XX-GSK: Gasket Replacement Instructions