ZIPports User Guides, Inserts, and Wiring Diagrams

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Multi-Port Junction Blocks

Part Number Documentation
ZP-JBH44-00-5 ZP-JBH44-00-5 insert
ZP-JBH44-00-FW ZP-JBH44-00-FW insert
ZP-JBH44-2N-5 ZP-JBH44-2N-5 insert
ZP-JBH44-2N-FW ZP-JBH44-2N-FW insert
ZP-JBH44-2P-5 ZP-JBH44-2P-5 insert
ZP-JBH44-2P-FW ZP-JBH44-2P-FW insert
ZP-JBH45-00-5 ZP-JBH45-00-5 insert
ZP-JBH45-00-FW ZP-JBH45-00-FW insert
ZP-JBH45-2N-5 ZP-JBH45-2N-5 insert
ZP-JBH45-2N-FW ZP-JBH45-2N-FW insert
ZP-JBH45-2P-5 ZP-JBH45-2P-5 insert
ZP-JBH45-2P-FW ZP-JBH45-2P-FW insert
ZP-JBH64-00-5 ZP-JBH64-00-5 insert
ZP-JBH64-00-FW ZP-JBH64-00-FW insert
ZP-JBH64-2N-5 ZP-JBH64-2N-5 insert
ZP-JBH64-2N-FW ZP-JBH64-2N-FW insert
ZP-JBH64-2P-5 ZP-JBH64-2P-5 insert
ZP-JBH64-2P-FW ZP-JBH64-2P-FW insert
ZP-JBH65-00-5 ZP-JBH65-00-5 insert
ZP-JBH65-00-FW ZP-JBH65-00-FW insert
ZP-JBH65-2N-5 ZP-JBH65-2N-5 insert
ZP-JBH65-2N-FW ZP-JBH65-2N-FW insert
ZP-JBH65-2P-5 ZP-JBH65-2P-5 insert
ZP-JBH65-2P-FW ZP-JBH65-2P-FW insert
ZP-JBH84-00-5 ZP-JBH84-00-5 insert
ZP-JBH84-00-FW ZP-JBH84-00-FW insert
ZP-JBH84-2N-5 ZP-JBH84-2N-5 insert
ZP-JBH84-2N-FW ZP-JBH84-2N-FW insert
ZP-JBH84-2P-5 ZP-JBH84-2P-5 insert
ZP-JBH84-2P-FW ZP-JBH84-2P-FW insert
ZP-JBH85-00-5 ZP-JBH85-00-5 insert
ZP-JBH85-00-FW ZP-JBH85-00-FW insert
ZP-JBH85-2N-5 ZP-JBH85-2N-5 insert
ZP-JBH85-2N-FW ZP-JBH85-2N-FW insert
ZP-JBH85-2P-5 ZP-JBH85-2P-5 insert
ZP-JBH85-2P-FW ZP-JBH85-2P-FW insert