Sure Step™ Stepping Systems User Manual

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Click the link above to view the complete manual. The file size for the complete manual is 11.3 MB. Individual chapters and appendices may be downloaded below.

PDF Document STP-DRV-4035 Microstepping Drive Data Sheet
PDF Document Stepping System Power Supplies STP-PWR-3204, 4805, 4810, 7005 Data Sheet
PDF Document Advanced Microstepping Drives STP-DRV-4850 & STP-DRV-80100 Data Sheet
PDF Document STP-DRV-6575 Microstepping Drive Data Sheet
PDF Document STP-DRVA-RC-050 Regeneration Clamp Data Sheet

PDF Document SCL Commands for Advanced SureStep Drives and Integrated Motor/Drives

PDF Document STP-MTRD: Standard Integrated Microstepping Motor and Drive (Non-SCL) Quick Start Guide
PDF Document STP-MTRD-xR(E): Advanced Integrated Microstepping Motor and Drive Quick Start Guide
PDF Document STP-USB485-4W: USB to Serial Adapter Quick Start Guide

PDF Document STP-MTR-DS Stepper Motor Datasheet: STP-MTRx-14xxxx , STP-MTRx-17xxxx, STP-MTRx-23xxxx, STP-MTRx-34xxxx
PDF Document STP-MTRA-ENCx Optical Single Ended Assembly Instructions: STP-MTRA-ENC2, STP-MTRA-ENC4, STP-MTRA-ENC6, STP-MTRA-ENC8
PDF Document STP-MTRA-ENCx Optical Differential (Line Driver) Assembly Instructions: STP-MTRA-ENC1, STP-MTRA-ENC3, STP-MTRA-ENC5, STP-MTRA-ENC7
PDF Document STP-MTRA-ENCx Configurable Assembly Instructions: STP-MTRA-ENC9, STP-MTRA-ENC10
PDF Document Required Encoder Mounting Screws: STP-MTRA-ENC*

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Manual Contents
PDF Document Table of Contents
PDF Document Revision History (Current version is 5th Ed., Rev. B - February 2019)
PDF Document Important Safety Warning

Chapter 1 PDF Document Getting Started
Chapter 2 PDF Document SureStep STP-DRV-6575 Microstepping Drive
Chapter 3 PDF Document SureStep STP-DRV-4035 Microstepping Drive
Chapter 4 PDF Document SureStep Advanced Microstepping Drives
Chapter 5 PDF Document SureStep Integrated Motor/Drives
Chapter 6 PDF Document SureStep Stepping Motors
Chapter 7 PDF Document SureSystem Power Supplies
Chapter 8 PDF Document SureMotion Pro Configuration Software
Chapter 9 PDF Document SureStep Communications

Appendix A PDF Document Accessories
Appendix B PDF Document Using SureStep with AutomationDirect PLCs
Appendix C PDF Document Selecting the SureStep Stepping System