DL05 / DL06 Option Modules

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Manual Contents
PDF Document Revision History (Current version is 7th Ed., Rev. D - July 2019)
PDF Document Table of Contents
PDF Document Important Safety Warning

Chapter 1 PDF Document Getting Started
Chapter 2 PDF Document Discrete I/O Guidelines
Chapter 3 PDF Document F0-04AD-1 4-Ch. Analog Current Input
Chapter 4 PDF Document F0-08ADH-1 8-Ch. Analog Current Input
Chapter 5 PDF Document F0-04AD-2 4-Ch. Analog Voltage Input
Chapter 6 PDF Document F0-08ADH-2 8-Ch. Analog Voltage Input
Chapter 7 PDF Document F0-04DAH-1 4-Ch. Analog Current Output
Chapter 8 PDF Document F0-08DAH-1 8-Ch. Analog Current Output
Chapter 9 PDF Document F0-04DAH-2 4-Ch. Analog Voltage Output
Chapter 10 PDF Document F0-08DAH-2 8-Ch. Analog Voltage Output
Chapter 11 PDF Document F0-4AD2DA-1 4-Ch. In/2-Ch. Out Analog Current Combination
Chapter 12 PDF Document F0-2AD2DA-2 2-Ch. In/2-Ch. Out Analog Voltage Combination
Chapter 13 PDF Document F0-4AD2DA-2 4-Ch. In/2-Ch. Out Analog Voltage Combination
Chapter 14 PDF Document F0-04RTD 4-Channel RTD Input
Chapter 15 PDF Document F0-04THM 4-Channel Thermocouple Input