Safety Light Curtain Instruction Manuals and Inserts

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Document Description
PDF Document safetycurtainmanual.pdf Contrinex Safety Light Curtains Instruction Manual


Datalogic Overview Guide

Document Description
PDF Document safety_referenceguide.pdf Datalogic Safety Reference Guide

Datalogic Basic (Finger and Hand) SG4-XX-XXX-OO-E

Document Description
PDF Document sg4b.pdf SG4 Base Instruction Manual (SG4-XX-XXX-OO-E Basic Light Curtains)
PDF Document sg4-b_quickguide.pdf SG4-B Series Quick Guide

Datalogic Advanced (Finger and Hand) SG4-XX-XXX-OO-P

Document Description
PDF Document sg4e.pdf SG4 Extended Instruction Manual (SG4-XX-XXX-OO-P Advanced Light Curtains)
PDF Document sg4-e_quickguide.pdf SG4-Extended Series Quick Guide
PDF Document sg4_connectionguide.pdf SG4 Extended Connection Guidelines

Datalogic Dongle for Advanced Programming

Document Description
PDF Document sg4-e_dongle.pdf SG4 Dongle Instruction Manual

Datalogic Accessories

Document Description
PDF Document st-k4rot.pdf ST-K4ROT Rotating Bracket product insert
PDF Document st-k_series.pdf ST-K Series product insert
PDF Document sg_check.pdf Six-month check-out procedure