Productivity1000 User Manual

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Manual Contents
PDF Document Revision History (Current version is 1st Ed., Rev. D - August 2019)
PDF Document Table of Contents
PDF Document Important Safety Warning

Chapter 1 PDF Document Getting Started
Chapter 2 PDF Document Specifications
Chapter 3 PDF Document Analog I/O Specifications
Chapter 4 PDF Document Specialty Module Specifications
Chapter 5 PDF Document Installation and Wiring
Chapter 6 PDF Document PLC Communications
Chapter 7 PDF Document Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Appendix A PDF Document European Union Directives (CE)
Appendix B PDF Document Productivity1000 Error Codes

Productivity1000 Inserts and Instruction Sheets

Note The following individual instruction sheets are included with individual components, and although the information is included in the P1-USER-M manual, these inserts are part number specific.

Power Supplies
PDF Document P1-01AC.pdf P1-01AC Power Supply
PDF Document P1-01DC.pdf P1-01DC Power Supply
PDF Document P1-02AC.pdf P1-02AC Power Supply

PDF Document P1-540.pdf P1-540 CPU
PDF Document P1-550.pdf P1-550 CPU

PDF Document P1-02HSC.pdf P1-02HSC High-Speed Isolated Sinking/Sourcing Input
PDF Document P1-04AD.pdf P1-04AD Analog Input
PDF Document P1-04ADL-1.pdf P1-04ADL-1 Analog Input
PDF Document P1-4ADL2DAL-1.pdf P1-4ADL2DAL-1 Analog Input/Output
PDF Document P1-04ADL-2.pdf P1-04ADL-2 Analog Input
PDF Document P1-4ADL2DAL-2.pdf P1-4ADL2DAL-2 Analog Input/Output
PDF Document P1-04DAL-1.pdf P1-04DAL-1 Analog Output
PDF Document P1-04DAL-2.pdf P1-04DAL-2 Analog Output
PDF Document P1-04NTC.pdf P1-04NTC Thermistor
PDF Document P1-04PWM.pdf P1-04PWM Sinking/Sourcing DC Output
PDF Document P1-04RTD.pdf P1-04RTD Analog Input
PDF Document P1-04THM.pdf P1-04THM Analog Input
PDF Document P1-08ADL-1.pdf P1-08ADL-1 Analog Input
PDF Document P1-08ADL-2.pdf P1-08ADL-2 Analog Input
PDF Document P1-08DAL-1.pdf P1-08DAL-1 Analog Output
PDF Document P1-08DAL-2.pdf P1-08DAL-2 Analog Output
PDF Document P1-08NA.pdf P1-08NA AC Input
PDF Document P1-08ND3.pdf P1-08ND3 Fast Response Input
PDF Document P1-08NE3.pdf P1-08NE3 AC/DC Input
PDF Document P1-08SIM.pdf P1-08SIM Input Simulator
PDF Document P1-08TA.pdf P1-08TA AC Output
PDF Document P1-08TD1.pdf P1-08TD1 Sinking DC Output
PDF Document P1-08TD2.pdf P1-08TD2 Sourcing DC Output
PDF Document P1-08TRS.pdf P1-08TRS Isolated Relay
PDF Document P1-15CDD1.pdf P1-15CDD1 Input / Output
PDF Document P1-15CDD2.pdf P1-15CDD2 Input / Output
PDF Document P1-15TD1.pdf P1-15TD1 Sinking DC Output
PDF Document P1-15TD2.pdf P1-15TD2 Sourcing DC Output
PDF Document P1-16CDR.pdf P1-16CDR Discrete Input / Relay Output
PDF Document P1-16ND3.pdf P1-16ND3 Fast Response DC Input
PDF Document P1-16NE3.pdf P1-16NE3 AC/DC Input
PDF Document P1-16TR.pdf P1-16TR Relay Output