Safety Relay Inserts

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Dold Relays

Document Description
PDF Document bg5933_bh5933.pdf Two-hand safety relay BG 5933, BH 5933
PDF Document bh5902_01mf2.pdf Light curtain controller BH 5902/01MF2 with selectable operating modes
PDF Document bh5928_bi5928.pdf Emergency Stop Module BH 5928, BI 5928 with time delay
PDF Document bh5932.pdf Speed Monitor Relays BH5932
PDF Document bh5932_supplement.pdf Speed Monitor Relays BH5932 Supplement
This document is intended to supplement the operating instructions insert that ships with the relays.
PDF Document force_0274775.pdf Force Guided Relays Safety Notes
PDF Document force_hc3096n_en.pdf Force Guided Relays Safety Technique / Control Technique
PDF Document lg5924.pdf Emergency Stop Module LG 5924
PDF Document lg5925_900.pdf Light curtain controller LG 5925/900
PDF Document lg5925_lh5925.pdf Emergency Stop Module LG 5925, LH 5925
PDF Document lg5929.pdf Extension module LG 5929
PDF Document lg5944.pdf SAFEMASTER Safety Edge Module LG 5944: LG5944-02-010-24, LG5944-02-110-24
PDF Document lh5946.pdf Standstill Monitor Relays LH5946
PDF Document bg5925.pdf Safety Mat Switch Gear BG 5925/910
PDF Document lg5928.pdf Emergency Stop Module LG 5928
PDF Document lg7927.pdf Delay module, on delayed LG 7927
PDF Document lg7928.pdf Delay module, release delayed LG 7928
PDF Document safemaster_sts.pdf SAFEMASTER STS Safety Switch And Key Interlock System: ST2317-T-ACTUATOR
PDF Document uf6925.pdf SAFEMASTER Emergency Stop Module UF 6925: UF6925-02-DC8-36, UF6925-03-DC8-36, UF6925-22-DC8-36
PDF Document ug6929.pdf Extension Module UG 6929
PDF Document ug6960.pdf Multifunctional Safety Timer UG 6960
PDF Document ug6961.pdf Multifunctional Safety Timer UG 6961
PDF Document ug6970.pdf Multifunctional Safety Timer UG 6970
PDF Document ug6980.pdf Multifunctional Safety Module UG 6980
PDF Document uh6932.pdf SAFEMASTER S Speed Monitor UH 6932: UH6932-02PS-24, UH6932-02PS-010-24
PDF Document uh6937.pdf SAFEMASTER S Frequency Monitor UH 6937: UH6937-02PS-24, UH6937-02PS-100-24

IDEM Relays

PDF Document 102580_viper.pdf VIPER Safety Relays SCR21-280001, SCR21-280001-P, SCR31-280002,SCR31-280002-P
PDF Document 102581_viper.pdf VIPER Safety Relays SCR73-280005, SCR73-280005-P
PDF Document 102582_viper.pdf VIPER Safety Relays SCR3142TD-280006, SCR3142TD-280006-P
PDF Document 102583_viper.pdf VIPER Safety Relays SEU31-280007, SEU31-280007-P
PDF Document 102584_viper.pdf VIPER Safety Relays SEU31TD-280008, SEU31TD-280008-P