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Tech Thread continued
Figure 9: Modbus Communication Sketch – Modbus TCP Server for P1AM-ETH with access to P1 Input/ Output Modules.
The P1AM-START2 - A kit for the PLC’er want- ing to learn Arduino. Includes:
(1) P1AM-100 CPU
(1) P1-08TRS relay output module
(1) P1-08SIM simulator input module
(1) P1-01AC power supply (1) USB-CBL-AMICB6 pro- gramming cable
(1) 3-wire power cable
(1) P2-RTB terminal block
In modern-day indus- try, it’s believed that up
to 20% of plant operat- ing expense is mainte- nance related. Although
a consumer-grade microcontroller’s ini-
tial cost is very attrac- tive, in an industrial envi- ronment it can quickly become a drain on your operating budget. The ProductivityOpen control- ler can help you avoid unwanted maintenance issues by providing the open-source control you want with the industri- al-rated hardware
you need.
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Editor's Note
New Product Focus
- Headless C-more Remote HMI without attached display
- Continuous Flexing Profinet Cable
- ProductivityOpen Arduino-compatible Controller
- Hammond Industrial Enclosures
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Figure 10: P1AM-START1 Starter Kit
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