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Ideal for the Industrial Maker
The P1AM-100 CPU is designed to reliably take open-source control into the industrial realm. Along with the CPU is a collection of industrial shields
that can add needed functionality to the control-
ler. Options including Ethernet can easily be added to the left side of the CPU. Readily-available Arduino shields can also be added to that side if needed. On the right side of the CPU, you can expand the system with low-cost Productivity1000 discrete, ana- log and specialty I/O modules. Up to 240 discrete I/O points are possible on the right-side, with virtu- ally unlimited I/O on the left.
It’s your choice to select any configuration that meets your needs:
1. 100% Industrial
Figure 4: ProductivityOpen controller using all industrial-grade hardware
Ensure that all aspects of your open-source controller are protected from harsh environments with industrially-rated power supplies, shields, CPU and I/O modules.
2. Double duty
Figure 5: ProductivityOpen controller using Arduino shields with industrial-grade I/O
Got a specific Arduino shield you want to use in your process? No problem, simply attach any com- patible Arduino shield(s)* to the left side of the CPU and use Productivity1000 industrially-hardened I/O
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modules to give your controller added protection from field equipment.
3. Mix and Match
Figure 6: ProductivityOpen controller using Arduino shields along with industrial-grade shields and I/O
You can mix and match any combination of com- patible open Arduino shields* and industrially-rated ProductivityOpen shields to achieve the control you’re looking for.
4. DIY all the way
Figure 7: ProductivityOpen Proto board
Build custom electronic circuits and interfaces for your control system with our proto board. The P1AM- PROTO is a generic perf board with 100mil thru- holes for your own prototype designs.
*Use discretion, since many of the consumer-grade Arduino shields are not suitable for industrial applica- tions.
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