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Figure 8: ProductivityBlocks graphical interface
C++ made easier with ProductivityBlocks
For the PLC crew, ladder logic is still a very popu- lar programming method. But due to low-cost micro- controllers like the Arduino, other programming methods, including C++, are making big inroads into industrial automation.
If you are a novice with C++ programming,
the ProductivityBlocks interface can help you cor- rectly code your controller. Based on the ArduBlock concept, ProductivityBlocks is a graphical program- ming interface and add-on to the Arduino IDE. Those familiar with C++ know how tedious it can be hunt- ing down syntax errors like a missing semicolon or bracket. ProductivityBlocks helps build your sketch program by allowing you to drag and drop interlock- ing program blocks from which the associated C++ code is generated for you.
ProductivityBlocks works with either MAC or PC systems and the custom blocks use terminology common to industrial controller functions so their purpose is easily understood. Many are customized for Productivity1000 I/O modules, ProductivityOpen CPU and shields, creating an easier interface
for coding that will save you time and debugging headaches.
AutomationDirect Community
AutomationDirect’s technical/community forum at is the place to go for help with your P1AM-100 project. There you will find:
• Links to GitHub repositories - Library, Board Support and Mechanical
• Arduino IDE install link
• ProductivityBlocks interface
• Links to numerous helpful videos • Most of all, ideas and advice from
over 29,000 industry professionals with various backgrounds and expertise
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Editor's Note
New Product Focus
- Headless C-more Remote HMI without attached display
- Continuous Flexing Profinet Cable
- ProductivityOpen Arduino-compatible Controller
- Hammond Industrial Enclosures
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You can even find sketch programs,
like the one shown on the next page, created by AutomationDirect to help you with
your implementation.
If you need product information like specifications, agency approvals, inserts, manuals, or 3D CAD files, head on over to where you’ll also find convenient starter kits for anyone looking to get started right away.
P1AM-START1 - A kit for the devoted Maker. Includes:
(1) P1AM-100 CPU
(1) P1AM-ETH Ethernet shield
(1) P1AM-GPIO MKR-pins Extension Shield (1) P1-4ADL2DAL-1 analog combo module (1) PSL-24-030 power supply
(1) USB-CBL-AMICB6 programming cable (1) 3-wire power cable
(1) P2-RTB terminal block (1) P1-10RTB terminal block
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