ProSense Sensors Insert Sheets

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ProSense Temperature Sensors

PDF Document ttd25n.pdf TTD25N Temperature transmitters
PDF Document cf.pdf CFxx-xxN Compression fitting
PDF Document tsd25n-0p.pdf TSD25N-0P-0284-H Electronic temperature sensor
PDF Document tsd25n-ap.pdf TSD25N-AP-0284-H Electronic temperature sensor
PDF Document ttd25c.pdf TTD25C Temperature transmitters
PDF Documentttd20_temp_xmtr.pdf TTD-20 Series temperature transmitters operating instructions

ProSense Digital Temperature Sensors

PDF Documentetstempsensors.pdf ProSense ETS Series Digital Temperature Sensors

ProSense Temperature Transmitters

PDF Documentxtd_fixedrange.pdf ProSense XTD Series DIN Rail Mounted RTD and TC Temperature Transmitters - Fixed Range
PDF Documentxtd_programmable.pdf ProSense XTD Series DIN Rail Mounted Universal Temperature Transmitters - Programmable
PDF Documentxth_fixedrange.pdf ProSense XTH Series Head Mounted RTD and TC Temperature Transmitters - Fixed Range
PDF Documentxth_programmable.pdf ProSense XTH Series Head Mounted Universal Temperature Transmitters - Programmable
PDF Documentxtp.pdf ProSense XTP Series Temperature Transmitter Probes

XT-SOFT Configuration Software

PDF Documentxtsoft.pdf Help file for XT-SOFT configuration software used to configure ProSense XTH-0-UNV and XTD-0-UNV temperature transmitters

ProSense Pressure Sensors

PDF Documentprosense_ptd25_installation.pdf ProSense electronic pressure sensor PTD25 Series installation instructions
PDF Documentprosense_psd25_installation.pdf ProSense electronic pressure sensor PSD25 Series installation instructions
PDF Documentspt25_series.pdf ProSense SPT25 Series Pressure Transducer Installation Instructions
PDF Documentsptd25_series.pdf ProSense SPTD25 Series electronic pressure transmitter operating instructions

ProSense Mechanical Pressure Switches

PDF Documentprosense_mps.pdf ProsSense MPS25 Series Pressure Switch Installation and Maintenance Instructions

ProSense Digital Pressure Switch / Transmitter

PDF Documentprosense_qps.pdf ProSense QPSL-* and QPSH-* Compact combination Pressure Switch / Transmitter

ProSense Electronic Digital Pressure Sensors

PDF Documenteps25-xxxx-1001.pdf EPS25-V14-1001, EPS25-100WC-1001, EPS25-14-1001, EPS25-36-1001, EPS25-V145-1001, EPS25-360-1001, EPS25-1450-1001, EPS25-3620-1001, EPS25-5800-1001
PDF Documenteps25-xxxx-1003.pdf EPS25-V14-1003, EPS25-14-1003, EPS25-36-1003, EPS25-V145-1003, EPS25-360-1003, EPS25-1450-1003, EPS25-3620-1003, EPS25-5800-1003
PDF Documenteps-bkt1.pdf EPS-BKT1

ProSense Differential Pressure Sensors

PDF Documentdpta_series.pdf ProSense DPTA Series Differential Pressure Transducer Installation Instructions

ProSense Flow Sensors

PDF Document fsd1-ap-26h_insert.pdf FSD1-AP-26H Liquid flow switch operating instructions
PDF Document fsd75-ap-6h_insert.pdf FSD75-AP-6H Liquid flow switch operating instructions

ProSense Flow Transmitters

PDF Documentprosense_flowtransmitter.pdf ProSense Flow Transmitters Operating instructions

ProSense Magnetic Flow Meters

PDF Documentfmm50_75_100-1001.pdf FMM50-1001 , FMM75-1001 , FMM100-1001
PDF Documentfmm50_75_100-1002.pdf FMM50-1002 , FMM75-1002 , FMM100-1002
PDF Documentfmm150_200-1001.pdf FMM150-1001, FMM200-1001
PDF Documentfmm150_200-1002.pdf FMM150-1002 , FMM200-1002