H24-EBC(100) User Manual

Important Note:
You will need the NetEdit software tool. Click here to download the software at no cost.

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Manual Contents
PDF DocumentTable of Contents
PDF DocumentRevision History (Current version is 3rd Edition, Rev. A- May 2014)
PDF DocumentImportant Safety Warning

Chapter 1PDF Document Introduction
Chapter 2PDF Document Installing the H2-EBC(100), H2-EBC-F or H4-EBC(-F)
Chapter 3PDF Document Configuring the EBCs Using NetEdit3
Chapter 4PDF Document MODBUS TCP/IP for H2-EBC100
Chapter 5PDF Document H2-EBC100 DHCP and HTML Configuration
Chapter 6PDF Document Troubleshooting Guidelines

Appendix APDF Document General Specifications
Appendix BPDF Document Using the H2-EBC with Think & Do
Appendix CPDF Document Using the H4-EBC with Think & Do
Appendix DPDF Document Using the H2-EBC with KEPwareEX OPC Server
Appendix EPDF Document Using the KEPwareEX OPC Quick Client
Appendix F PDF Document H2--EBC(100) Analog Module Addressing