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 Tech Thread
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
By Bill Dehner, AutomationDirect
If you know us well, then you know our train-
ing partner Doug Bell and his company Interconnecting Automation. Doug has been with
us from the beginning and offers several services that our customers, and many others, gladly take advantage of. Whether it’s free online PLC training videos, on-site/hands-on PLC classes, or control system consulting and integration, Interconnecting Automation does it all and has been doing it
for decades.
In fact, one of our most recent application stories, Modern Controls Automate Rock Crushing, discusses how Interconnecting Automation upgraded an aging and highly manual rock crushing control system into a modern and easy-to-configure design. Over the years, Doug and now his son Nick, have built an impressive resume and a robust offering of services...Enter 2020.
This year has been rocked with many unforeseen disasters, with Coronavirus having the longest last- ing least so far. While many industries are suffering the consequences of this pandemic and the associated lockdowns, on-site education and train- ing services, like Doug’s, were hit particularly hard. Luckily, Doug is not just an educator but an innovator
at heart, and he refused to let this virus destroy what he built and stop him from doing what he loves.
That brings us to the reason for the title of this piece. “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome” is an important mindset with the United States Marine Corps made well-known by Clint Eastwood’s movie, Heartbreak Ridge. Marines are about as tough as they get,
and this mentality prepares them to overcome any obstacle that may confront them on the battle-
field. It’s imperative to their survival when faced
with unforeseen disasters. This same mindset can be extremely valuable in the civilian world, and although Doug may not have realized it, his newest venture teaches us one of his best lessons yet.
In the current environment, where there is
much uncertainty about how to stop the spread of Coronavirus and many differing opinions on who
is or isn’t at risk, some may not want to attend in-person hands-on classes. So, what was Doug
to do about that? Give in and let that part of his business die off? Of course not. Doug adapted his training and used today’s technology to meet people where they are and continue providing valuable training to those who seek it.
Interconnecting Automation’s new service, live-lecture online training sessions (, provides live PLC training classes and discussions that can be attended from anywhere. These classes were created to better serve those who need training but want to avoid in-person hands-on classes. With these live sessions, you can access the same high-quality training as the in-per- son classes, directly from your home or office.
Live lecture training tutorials have these advantages:
• PLC training within the comfort and safety of your own location, at a low cost per session.
• Limited number of attendees per session, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions during
and after the session.
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- Control cabinet cable entry systems
- DURApulse® GS20 Series high performance AC drives
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- Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers
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Improvies, Adapt, Overcome
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