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 New Product Focus
Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers
 Seifert SoliTherm® Thermoelectric Coolers from AutomationDirect use the Peltier Effect for closed-loop cooling. The only moving parts
are axial fans so there is virtually no maintenance. The Seifert Peltier thermoelectric cooling units can be mounted in nearly every position (except roof mount- ing) because they don't have a compressor or any moving parts aside from the fans.
These thermoelectric cooling units are resistant to extreme ambient conditions and can operate effectively in dusty and oily environments and both indoor and outdoor applications. Cooling capacities range from 170 to 680 BTU/H (50W to 200W); the operating temperature range is -4°F to 149°F (20°C to 65°C).
Priced from $649.00, SoliTherm thermoelectric cooling units are CE, RoHS, cURus listed and washdown friendly NEMA 4X, IP66 rated.
New Product Focus | Issue 44
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New Product Focus
- Expaded communications and analog I/O capabilities for the
- Control cabinet cable entry systems
- DURApulse® GS20 Series high performance AC drives
- ProSense® Advanced Process Conrollers
- Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers
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