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Productivity®Open Arduino Compatible Controller
The open-source Productivity®Open platform provides all the great features of a standard Arduino plus the added power and reliabil-
ity of an industrial controller. The processor circuit of the P1AM-100 Arduino-compatible CPU is designed to mimic the Arduino MKRZero microcontroller.
The P1AM-100 is compatible with most available Arduino MKR format shields, and/or the industrial- ly-hardened ProductivityOpen shields, and can uti- lize most Arduino sketch programs found on open- source websites.
Using the readily-available Arduino inte- grated development environment (IDE), the P1AM-100 is programmed using C++ code; the ProductivityBlocks graphical programming interface uses a more visual approach that simplifies coding and reduces syntax errors.
The P1AM-100 CPU supports the full suite of Productivity1000 I/O expansion modules, including: discrete, analog, temperature, relay, high-speed input, pulse-width-modulation. The industrial-grade P1AM-100 Arduino-compatible CPU is $49.00.
Priced from $32.00, available ProductivityOpen UL-certified shields include the P1AM-ETH Ethernet shield and the P1AM-GPIO MKR-pins Extension Shield. The P1AM-PROTO is also available for creating customized shields in the MKR form factor.
The Arduino-compatible ProductivityOpen Controller from AutomationDirect is cULus listed, CE approved and backed by a two-year warranty.
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