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Continuous Flexing Pro net Cable
DataMax Extreme® Industrial Profinet cables are a two-pair shielded construction with 22AWG twisted pair conductors and 7/30 stranded
tinned copper with color coded high-density polyeth- ylene insulation.
Shielded constructions include both a tinned copper braid shield and aluminized polyester foil overall shield. The cable's outer jacket is pressure extruded Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with excel- lent moisture, chemical, UV and weathering resis- tance, exceptional low temperature flexibility, and good flame and fire resistance.
DataMax Extreme Profinet cable supports Profinet conformance classes B and C, is UL Type PLTC rated, and designed for use in EtherNet/IPTM systems. The continuous flexing Profinet cable from AutomationDirect is available in cut-to-length 1-foot
increments starting at $1.04 per foot (20-foot minimum) and has a 3-year warranty.
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