Signal Conditioner Product Inserts and Manuals

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Signal Conditioners

FC Series
fc_11.pdf PDF Document FC-11 (4 - 20mA input / output signal conditioner)
fc_33.pdf PDF Document FC-33 (selectable input / output signal conditioner)
fc_r1.pdf PDF Document FC-R1 (Resistive Temperature Detector signal conditioner)
fc_t1.pdf PDF Document FC-T1 (thermocouple / mV input signal conditioner)
fc-iso-c.pdf PDF Document FC-ISO-C Encoder Signal Conditioner and Optical Isolator - Open Collector Output
fc-iso-d.pdf PDF Document FC-ISO-D Encoder Signal Conditioner and Optical Isolator - Differential Line Driver Output
fc-b34.pdf PDF Document FC-B34 Bipolar Voltage to Unipolar Voltage or Current Signal Conditioner
fc-p3.pdf PDF Document FC-P3 Potentiometer Input, Analog Output Signal Conditioner
fc-35b.pdf PDF Document FC-35B Unipolar Voltage or Current to Bipolar Voltage Signal Conditioner

Limit Alarms

Product Manuals
FC-3RLY2 PDF Document FC-3RLY2 Limit Alarm Module Hardware User Manual
FC-3RLY4 PDF Document FC-3RLY4 Limit Alarm Module Hardware User Manual

Product Inserts
fc-3rly2.pdf PDF Document FC-3RLY2 Analog Input, 2-Relay Limit Alarm Module Insert
fc-3rly4.pdf PDF Document FC-3RLY4 Analog Input, 4-Point Relay Limit Alarm Module Insert