Fuji Motor Controls Documentation

Below are product insert sheets for the Fuji Electric line of motor control products.

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Fuji Motor Controls Documentation
contactor_3nseries.pdf PDF Document 3N Odyssey series 180 to 360 Amp contactors
contactor_sce1e7.pdf PDF Document SC-E1 to SC-E7 contactors
contactor_sce02e05.pdf PDF Document SC-E02 to SC-E05 contactors
sz-a.pdf PDF Document SZ-A series auxiliary contacts
linkmodule.pdf PDF Document Link module for MMS combination starter
tk-e0.pdf PDF Document TK-E02-xxx thermal overload relay
tk-e.pdf PDF Document TK-E2 to TK-E6 thermal overload relay
coil_ssu.pdf PDF Document Contactor coil surge suppression units
mms_rhb.pdf PDF Document 32 Amp frame size MMS - BM3RHB-xxx
mms_vhb.pdf PDF Document 63 Amp frame size MMS - BM3VHB-xxx
mms_handle.pdf PDF Document MMS external handle operator
bz0tcre.pdf PDF Document BZ0TCRE manual motor starter