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Here's what just some of our customers have to say about AutomationDirect’s service, product quality, ease of use, and prices/value.

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On Service

AutomationDirect Service

Automating an old mechanical gear system used for grooving tube and pipe ends:
Can't beat the support. Can't beat the simple on-line ordering. Can't beat the interchangeability. And one thing I've found out that impresses me most of all...Can't beat the pricing. We are adding a new line within a year and I doubt it's a secret what I'm going to use for the controls.
Youngstown Tube Company
Youngstown, Ohio
We did a complete overhaul on a rug confection line.
The production and quality has nearly doubled since. The C-more screen is so easy to read compared to the old EZ Automation screen. The support is the selling point though. I had a software issue and within days there was a patch. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Fleming
End User - Textile/Carpet Industry
Building automated machines that complete all of the processes of shutter building, from cutting to final assembly:
The excellent service we receive from AutomationDirect, along with the ease of programming, flexibility and small size of the DL205, are the reasons we continue to choose this PLC for our machines.
Lance Reed and Gordon Himes
G & L Technologies
Updating controls on an injection stretch-blow molding machine:
I found the pricing of the AutomationDirect components to be lower for this application. The technical help was excellent during the debug phase of the programming and start-up.
Thomas Mihalovits
R&D Tool and Engineering
Building die separators for the automotive and appliance industries:
By using AutomationDirect products and superior customer service and technical support, we've been able to thoroughly modernize and increase the capacity of our line of machines, while decreasing costs by eliminating the need for two sizes of machines for differing applications.
Lance Renshaw
Modern Hydraulics, Inc.
I am amazed at the entire AutomationDirect operation
Not only can I buy the equipment I need at an incredibly affordable price, but the merchandise is backed by the friendliest, fastest, most efficient organization of intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure to know. You have succeeded in the marketplace to offer top shelf quality at Kmart prices, get-it-to-you-yesterday delivery, service with a big smile and technical support second to none. I cannot believe how well you do things, but I am certainly glad you do.
Bill Hanson
Overland Bolling Corp.

On Product Quality

AutomationDirect PLC
Productivity2000 CPU
I started using the Productivity 2000 when it first came out, and I have to say it is the best value in the mid-tier PLC market. The system is robust, easy to interface, easy to code, and with the ZipLink wiring solutions; easy to wire and diagnose. I honestly wouldn't buy a PLC from anyone else.
Matthew Lewis
Emerson Power Transmission
Click PLC
We have used these units for a dozen different applications over the last year, and it has never let us down. Very easy to use, the software is a treat. As far as bang-for-the-buck value, this is the best PLC we have found. Combine it with a $200 touch screen interface, and you've got a lot of capability for a small pricetag.
Matthew Duplessie
5 Wits Productions Inc.
Everything in 1 package, Ethernet, Rs232/485, SD slot AND option modules for USB, additional Ethernet, RS232 (RJ12). Really well thought out product. Software is one of the easiest and full featured I used.
David Brown
Stoody Company
Do-More PLC
The Do-More PLC have been very easy to learn and use. I have been able to write sub-routines that is some much like AOI's in AB devices. The Do-More Program Routine folder makes it very easy to section your program out for great organization. We are making the Do-More our go to processor for future projects.
Tim Marbury
Parker Hannifin Racor
C-more Touch Panel
The EA9 Series is by far my favorite HMI. I am primarily an AB CompactLogix and SLC500 user. These panels integrate so well with AB. Our local rep has stated that AD HMI's are their biggest competitor in our area! Needless to say, he isn't very happy! So much more user friendly than the AB PV+ and you don't need a capital request to buy one! I highly recommend AB users to give these a try. The software is very low cost as well and easy to navigate. I have always dis-liked AB FT-View Software and I haven't met anyone who does like it.
Brent Keith
Stanley Black & Decker
We've used 1/2, 1 & 2 HP single phase motors in various machines. They've performed well, and are very well priced. replacement capacitors are readily available, though we haven't lost any yet. Feet are easy to remove, and plugs are included for the screw holes. Good value for the dollar!
Innovaat International Inc.

On Ease of Use

AutomationDirect C-more HMI
Everything in 1 package, Ethernet, Rs232/485, SD slot AND option modules for USB, additional Ethernet, RS232 (RJ12). Really well thought out product. Software is one of the easiest and full featured I used.
David Brown
Stoody Company
HMI Software
After using HMI systems from several "large companies" over the years, it is extremely refreshing to use the EA9 series of panels and software from Automation direct. It is easy to use, easy to understand and interfaces well with every brand of PLC we use. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a touch panel in their systems. Electricians and Technicians grasp it quickly and have no issues working with it on a daily basis. No longer is it a "black box" Thank you for making such a superior product at an economical price!
Ken Jennings
Do-More PLC
We had been longtime users of the DL250 series CPUs and DirectLogic series PLCs but had been growing frustrated with the networking setup and modern connectivity. Ethernet has become a critical connection for our PLCs now and while the DL series does have networking it is an add on and the setup was never as simple as we'd like. When the DoMore series was released with Ethernet, USB and RS232 on the CPU we were immediately interested and purchased a starter kit. We immediately realized that the Free DoMore software and the new CPU addressed nearly all of our frustrations with the DL series and we would not need to purchase new PLC racks and cards! We immediately started rolling it out for new installations and putting it in the works for upgrades to existing systems. We have had nothing but success with the new DoMore CPUs. The price is a no brainer, but when you combine it with the ease of setup and programming and the excellent phone support provided by Automation Direct it becomes too good of a deal to turn down. At this point we wouldn't consider using anything but AD for our PLC installations.
Aaron Cloutier
Ampersand Energy Partners
Productivity2000 PLC
I've lost track of how many of these my company has bought and installed. We love the dynamic ability of them, the price, the ease and support of programming/troubleshooting, and the dedication that AutomationDirect puts behind them. These are great PLC CPU's!
Electric Innovations

On Prices and Value

AutomationDirect PLC
I purchased this PLC for use with an automated clamping fixture for machining. I had never programmed a PLC before this, but using AutomationDirect's CLICK Programming software made it very easy to get everything working properly. I also found the video tutorials on the site extremely helpful. I am using the unit with a C-more Micro touch screen and all input/outputs are easy to configure. I haven't used the PLC system extensively, so I can't comment on longevity, but at this price it seems to be a great deal.
Chad Westendorf
HF Webster
Productivity2000 PLC
This is an extremely powerful CPU for the money. Also the free productivity software is a breeze to program with as well as to connect to the PLC. I use to swear by Allen Bradley components and will never go back unless specified by the customer. I have applied the Productivity 2000 to many machines around our plant and plan on converting everything over time. We currently have approximately 10 of these around the plant and have never had an issue with a CPU.
Adam Denney
Manth Brownell
Sure Servo
My company wanted a solution for a project involving servos and absolute positioning. Our typical solutions for motion were Omron products but they were way too expensive for this project. ADC offered the the P2000 and Sure Servo as a solution that would have the most flexibility. The motion capabilities were wonderful and their support in the setup was awesome. Now we have five P2000s running in the plant. Thanks for making another awesome product Automation Direct!
Samuel Cameron

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