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Here's what just some of our customers have to say about AutomationDirect’s service, product quality, ease of use, and prices/value.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it's safe and easy to become the next AutomationDirect customer to be delighted with our products, our prices, and our service. Head to our home page at or call 1-800-633-0405 to see why more and more automation customers are discovering that "direct" isn't just less-expensive - it's simply a better experience before and after the sale.

AutomationDirect ServiceOn Service:

Automating an old mechanical gear system used for grooving tube and pipe ends: "Can't beat the support. Can't beat the simple on-line ordering. Can't beat the interchangeability. And one thing I've found out that impresses me most of all...Can't beat the pricing. We are adding a new line within a year and I doubt it's a secret what I'm going to use for the controls."

Youngstown Tube Company
Youngstown, Ohio

"We did a complete overhaul on a rug confection line. The production and quality has nearly doubled since. The C-more screen is so easy to read compared to the old EZ Automation screen. The support is the selling point though. I had a software issue and within days there was a patch. Keep up the good work!"

Kevin Fleming
End User - Textile/Carpet Industry

Building automated machines that complete all of the processes of shutter building, from cutting to final assembly: “The excellent service we receive from AutomationDirect, along with the ease of programming, flexibility and small size of the DL205, are the reasons we continue to choose this PLC for our machines.”

Lance Reed and Gordon Himes
G & L Technologies

Updating controls on an injection stretch-blow molding machine: “I found the pricing of the AutomationDirect components to be lower for this application. The technical help was excellent during the debug phase of the programming and start-up.”

Thomas Mihalovits
R&D Tool and Engineering

Building die separators for the automotive and appliance industries: “By using AutomationDirect products and superior customer service and technical support, we've been able to thoroughly modernize and increase the capacity of our line of machines, while decreasing costs by eliminating the need for two sizes of machines for differing applications.”

Lance Renshaw
Modern Hydraulics, Inc.

“I am amazed at the entire AutomationDirect operation. Not only can I buy the equipment I need at an incredibly affordable price, but the merchandise is backed by the friendliest, fastest, most efficient organization of intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure to know. You have succeeded in the marketplace to offer top shelf quality at Kmart prices, get-it-to-you-yesterday delivery, service with a big smile and technical support second to none. I cannot believe how well you do things, but I am certainly glad you do.”

Bill Hanson
Overland Bolling Corp.

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On Quality:DirectLOGIC PLC family

"Cotton gins are about the worst environment for electronics I've ever heard of; gin crews leave cabinet doors open, layers and layers of dust accumulate within minutes, temperatures drop well below freezing, and a 24" pipe wrench is the tool of choice for fixing all problems, but we've never had an issue with a C-More panel.

Converting my old project with over 200 screens and countless objects took less than 2 minutes. It hasn't crashed, lost a program, or had an Ethernet issue since we installed it; that's more than I can say for any other HMI we've ever used."

Mark Gentry - Controls Manager
Textile Equipment OEM

Automating a control system for a hydraulic tree drilling and tapping system used to extract the resin from pine trees: “The 05 was the only device compact and rugged enough to meet our needs.”

Tom Harris & Co. / University of Florida

Designing an automated cotton coiler with a positioning table: “The DL05 Micro PLC was the low cost answer. It almost seemed that some of the instructions in the software were made for this application! The low cost & durability of the proximity sensors were ideal for homing movements. The end result was that a custom made piece of equipment was developed for under $3,500.00… I have now standardized my PLC based applications on equipment due to the quality and cost. I have found few other PLC vendors whose cost would let me keep the competitive edge that is needed in today's market.”

Automation Services, LLC
Maribel, WI

Using the DL105 PLC and Koyo optical encoders to control portable saw mills: “These machines are subjected to every environment on earth. … In addition, the removable terminals allow the customer to perform field repairs and upgrades with minimal downtime. The reliability and ease of use coupled with the low cost make this option a customer favorite.”

Baker Products
Ellington, MO

Automating an agricultural planting vehicle: “Though the entire system is exposed to high vibration and extremely dusty environments, there has not yet been a system failure.”

Torque Process and Control, Inc.
Caspar, WY

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On Ease of Use:C-more operator interface family

Automating a complete Calcium Hydroxide factory: “Think & Do has performed extremely reliably so far, without any crashes to date. Think & Do is exceptionally easy to maintain and modify in a continually expanding factory.”

Telemetry and Testing
Western Cape, South Africa

Revamping a retrofit to a horizontal boring mill that was done just before the company purchased the machine: “For months we were working out the bugs in the controls and programming. If it weren't for AutomationDirect's support staff, I don’t know what I would have done. I was able to learn how to program and redesign the entire ladder structure. … When I started programming, it was to control speeds and feeds only. However, it was so easy I decided to program nearly all the control functions of the machine on four screens. Since the installation of this control, we have not had another control problem. Great products, affordable prices, outstanding documentation and support. Thanks again!”

Ron Mercer
Patterson Mold and Tool

Designing counting, queuing and loading systems for manufacturing drinking straws: “The AutomationDirect design tools simplified the design process. …. Great tools and great support. - thanks.”

Barry Steele
Appropriate Engineering

Upgrading an older hydraulic press: “The results were an increase in productivity, safer working environment, and reduced maintenance requirements. The reduced maintenance is a result of the intelligent fault handling of the DL05. … We attribute the success of this project to the DL05 family because of its low cost, ease of interface, the ability to expand in the future by adding one communications cable to another PLC, and the ladder logic structure utilizing stage programming. “

Shand Power Apparatus Research Corporation
Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Automating wet chemistry measurement traditionally done by lab technicians: “Because of the flexiblity of the DL205 and WINPLC almost any laboratory measurement can now be automated and used for process control.”

Tim Pearson
NEXTChem Process Analyzers, LLC

“A marine vessel's main engine alarm system was defective, with a replacement alarm unit priced at well over $10,000. We were able to supply a DL05 PLC and operator interface for less than $2,500, including all parts and programming. This solution provided great savings for the marine vessel, and Versatile Electronics has developed a reconfigurable alarm system for almost any monitoring application.
This particular installation was fast, professional looking and functioned without a glitch. For the price and performance of these PLCs, we foresee the use of these in many applications that could be accomplished at a considerable cost savings without compromising performance. “

Versatile Electronics Inc.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“"We have recently converted over all our EZ-Touch panels to the new C-More Operator Interface. We are very happy with it for several reasons. First, the conversion process was easy. Second, we are thrilled with the fact that we can now map directly to a V-memory bit, which cuts our development time in half when it comes to mapping tags for alarm status and for control related objects. The new standard USB programming port is a plus, as well as the addition of the expandable compact flash and USB memory storage options. I sold another C-more to a customer who was using a DV-1000 and he is in love with it because of all its features. Thanks for the thought and time you put into this product!" “

Marcus J. Lee-Chin - Project Manager
System Integrator

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Request a catalog online On Prices and Value:

Designing an automatic fixture for dispensing adhesive: “Your excellent pricing made this a very profitable project for my firm. Thanks again for the quality products at low prices.”

Tony Lestan
Lestan Controls Inc.

“The new [C-more] features impressed me so much that I totally re-evaluated a project that I was working on. Suddenly, remote adjustments and error reporting from several different devices was a 'canned' application, very little extra PLC code was needed. I was able to take several stand-alone applications that I had done in the past, add an ECOM-100 module, and network them together. I even eliminated an OI that was dedicated to our drive control system, and connected it to the C-more over Modbus TCP.”

Dan Stirpe - Controls Engineer
Printing Machinery OEM

Using a DL05 Micro PLC on CNC plasma cutting machines: “Inexpensive PLC was the key to bringing this product to market. This complete system is half the price of the competition.”

Gurley, Al

Designing a completely automatic weigh packing system: “The system had to be very cost effective to work. I sourced all I could from AutomationDirect to get the best value on electrical and electronic parts.”

John Thornton
Mid Continent Nails

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