Web Site Technical Help

Please note: This document only deals with technical issues customers may have using our web site. For more specific "how to" help (how to shop, how to pay, how to get support, etc), please visit our Ecommerce Tutorial or browse all of our help resources .

What browsers do you support for the AutomationDirect.com website?

We support the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari). We also attempt to make our site compatible with previous versions of those browsers, although at some point we must drop support.

Although other browsers not listed may work with our site, we will not officially support them. For people experiencing problems on non-supported browsers, we recommend using a supported browser before calling or emailing website support.

What other requirements do have for your website?

Besides a supported web browser, we require that JavaScript be enabled. If you experience problems, make sure scripting is enabled in your browser settings.

I’m having trouble with adding parts to my shopping cart, what is going on?

Our normal pages use Javascript to make our pages more interactive, including updating of shopping cart information. If you experience problems adding parts to your shopping cart, make sure scripting is enabled in your browser settings.

I’m having problems opening PDF documents, tech spects, Quotes, and other popup windows on your site, how can I fix this?

Many people are using “pop-up” blocking software to prevent offensive or intrusive advertising on the Internet. However, many such pop-up blocking programs are not well integrated with the browser to tell the difference between “good” pop-ups and advertising pop-ups. Our site makes occasional use of pop-up technology for technical docs, specs, online quotes, and other features of the site. If you are experiencing problems with these pop-up windows appearing, then consider the following: