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CLICK PLC Tutorials
  • CLICK PLC - Getting Started - (2 Part Series) PLAYLIST for 10 Part Tutorial
    An introduction to CLICK PLCs and getting started with CLICK PLCs.

  • CLICK PLC - How To Videos - (10 Part Series) PLAYLIST for 2 Part Tutorial
    10 part video series: How to Install the Programming Software, Launch the Programming Software, Creating a Project, Save and Compile Project, Apply Power, Establish PC to PLC Communications, Write Project to PLC, Place PLC in Run Mode, Test Project using Data View, Y001 Output On?.

Webinars - Pre-Recorded Live Seminars
  • CLICK PLC Overview Webinar (30 min 49 sec) PLAY Tutorial

  • CLICK PLC Advanced Programming Webinar (51 min 52 sec) PLAY Tutorial

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