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What is a PLC? PLAY Tutorial
Learn the Basics Featuring DirectLOGIC Programmable Logic Controllers.

5-part series - CLICK PLC Introduction.

CLICK PLC Tutorial PLAY Tutorial
In Depth 10-part video series on CLICK PLCs from
Walks you through everything from how to install and launch the programming software all the way to creating, writing, and testing a project.

CLICK PLC - How To - Connecting & Communications PLAY Tutorial
5-part How-To video series demonstrates connecting and communications with a CLICK PLC.

Do-more PLCs PLAY Tutorial
Benefits and Features of Do-more Programmable Logic Controller.

Do-more PLCs - How To PLAY Tutorial
3-part series, how-to make programming Do-more PLCs easier.

Do-more PLC Software - Getting Started PLAY Tutorial
10-part series is an introduction on how to get started with the Do-more Designer Software.

Productivity 2000 and 3000 Series Controllers PLAY Tutorial
9-part series introduction includes brief overviews of recent new Productivity Series Controller products.

Productivity3000 - In Depth Overview & Programming PLAY Tutorial
9-part In-Depth webinar series covers the Productivity3000 controller software overview and advanced programming topics from

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• PLC Training

Training courses for PLCs taught by seasoned veteran Doug Bell of InterConnecting Automation, Inc. who has used many of our products to solve difficult, real-world application problems. The three-day classes are held at AutomationDirect in Cumming, Georgia and in other cities nationwide.

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PLC Online Training Bulletin

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PLC Training Courses
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  • Trainers & Simulators including new CLICK Trainer

PLC Training Schedule

For additional information including course prices, schedules and reservations contact:

    12154 North Ridge Trail
    Hales Corners, WI 53130
    Phone: 414-425-8348
    Fax: 414-425-8363


Web site:

NOTE: AutomationDirect does not set prices or take reservations for these classes.

Instructor - Doug Bell

Doug Bell can relate to the day-to-day problems associated with using and troubleshooting PLC systems.

20+ years experience in PLC and control system design at more than 45 facilities worldwide.

Managed the specification, procurement, programming, site startup and maintenance of automation projects

Applications experience includes electronic feeder controls, HVAC controls, automated test stations, coating systems, printing lines, motion control systems, high speed applications, communication systems, device-level network applications, PC-based control solutions, HMI systems ...

Experience in training both factory technicians and operations personnel.

Doug Bell Training

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• Other Resources
PLC Training Books

Here is a list of generic training books that teach some of the basics of PLCs. (Note: we do not sell these books, they are for reference only!)

Programmable Controllers, Theory and Implementation
Author: L. A. Bryan
Publisher: Industrial Text Company, Atlanta, GA

Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers, Sensors, and Communications, 2nd Edition
Author: Jon Stenerson
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ ISBN: 0-13-746124-0

Programmable Logic Controllers
Author: Frank D. Petruzella
Publisher: Macmillan/McGrawHill, New York, NY

Automação Aplicada (Applied Automation)
Author: Marcelo Georgini
Publisher: Editora Érica, São Paulo, Brazil
(All examples are based on AutomationDirect PLCs)

Schools and Organizations

Many local technical schools and community colleges offer courses that can help you understand basic principles that relate to PLCs. We would suggest courses in the following:

- Basic Electricity/Electronics
- Industrial Electricity
- Instrumentation
- Programmable Controls
- Microprocessors (optional)

There are also other organizations that specialize in offering PLC related information and/or training courses. The International Society of Automation (ISA) offers a wide range of classes that cover many different skill levels.

    International Society of Automation (ISA)
    67 Alexander Drive
    Research Triangle Park
    Raleigh, NC 27709
    Web site:

Note: AutomationDirect has not evaluated any classes, instructors, and/or materials provided by any organization listed. Therefore, we are not in a position to recommend one over another.

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