WERMA Visual and Audible Signal Beacons / Devices from AutomationDirect

WERMA Visual and Audible Signal Beacons / Devices from AutomationDirect

Cumming, GA --- October 28, 2020 ... Werma EvoSIGNAL signal beacons warn, guide, protect and are a new simple, modular solution for signaling from AutomationDirect.

Werma EvoSIGNAL visual and visual-audible signal devices are available in Mini, Midi and Maxi versions with common signal module voltages (115-230 VAC, 12/24 VAC/VDC) and with base, tube, bracket and wall mounting options. Mini and Midi audible signal horn versions offer 2-tone continuous or pulse sounds at 95-110 dB, 1m.

EvoSIGNAL Mini beacons (62mm) are designed for locations that have limited space; Midi Beacons (85mm) are a flexible medium-range solution; Maxi beacons (120mm diameter) are a flexible long-range solution. Maxi series beacons are generally used for building services engineering, door and gate applications, machinery and plant equipment systems.

Mini and Midi beacons are available in TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH lighting and TriColor versions. TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH effects merge two lighting functions in one element that can then be remotely operated and even configured to suit different warning levels. TwinLIGHT effects provide permanent and blinking lights; TwinFLASH offers flash and EVS (enhanced visibility system) effects. The Maxi models are also available with rotating lighting effects.

Werma EvoSIGNAL visual and visual-audible signal devices from AutomationDirect are priced starting at $48.00, have a high protection IP66 rating and offer a two-year warranty.

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