AutomationDirect adds SureStep Stepping System Motors, Encoders and Inertia Dampers

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Cumming, GA --- October 31, 2018 ... New stepper motors, encoders and inertia dampers have been added to the SureStep® system of step motor control.

SureStep series high-torque industry-standard NEMA 14, 17, 23, and 34 stepper motors now provide holding torque from 8 to 1288 oz-in. The new smaller frame size NEMA 14 motors (1.4" wide) start at $22.00 and are available in single and dual shaft versions.

The SureStep family has options for open loop control (no encoder), position monitoring (external encoder feedback), and position verification (integrated motor/drives with internal encoder). Replacement and optional encoders (starting at $42.00) are available for standalone dual-shaft motors and standard integrated motor/drives in all NEMA 14, 17, and 23 sizes.

Fixed resolution encoders are available in 400 ppr and 1000 ppr; new configurable encoders allow resolution selection from 48 to 4096 ppr (the default is 400 ppr). A free download configuration utility autodetects the encoder and allows ppr selection.

New step motor inertia dampers (starting at $13.00) smooth out steps in a typical step motor resulting in a quieter and smoother motion when rotating between steps. The dampers also reduce resonance and possible micro oscillations when moving from step to step and can be used as a hand wheel to directly rotate the position of the rotor when power is removed from the motor.

SureStep Stepper System motors, encoders and dampers are CE approved and backed by a one-year warranty.

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