AutomationDirect adds Handheld Tachometers and Stroboscopes to product offering

AutomationDirect adds Handheld Tachometers and Stroboscopes to product offering

Cumming, GA --- October 30, 2013 ... AutomationDirect's line of tools now includes SHIMPO handheld stroboscopes and tachometers available in AC-powered, rechargeable and battery-powered models.

The SHIMPO DT-100A series battery-powered handheld tachometers offer superior accuracy and capabilities for measuring and recording rotational and linear speed as well as linear travel. Priced at $236, units are constructed of rugged die-cast aluminum; the series features large five-digit displays and an expansive 10 measurement memory capacity for quick retrieval of stored data.

The DT-200LR series are combination contact/non-contact units that enable precise non-contact RPM measurement up to 20 feet away. The series incorporates laser technology and features a field-upgradable contact adapter for linear rate measure. The series is priced at $258.

The PT-110 non-contact tachometer is a simple-to-use, ergonomic, rugged test instrument optical laser unit is a velocity analyzing and measuring device ideal for rotational machine inspection and process speed analysis. This battery-powered device automatically records maximum, minimum, and last value, as well as up to 96 data points during testing. The PT-110 non-contact tachometer is priced at $115.

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The DT-300 series stroboscopes are heavy-duty devices that provide the illusion of "stopped motion" by adjusting the strobe's flash rate. Both models (AC-powered or rechargeable) measure rotational or reciprocating speeds with the same precision as an electronic digital tachometer. Ideally suited for printing inspection, motion analysis, preventive maintenance and speed measurement of repetitive motion, the units provide timely data on vibrating parts, leaks, spray patterns, and more. An available portable LED model is fitted with a unique LED array to provide an accurate, stable strobe light and is designed for speed (RPM) and frequency (Hz) measurements in motion and vibration analysis. Starting at $503, the rugged, yet lightweight, aluminum construction provides unequaled reliability in harsh environments.

The DT-725 stroboscope is lightweight with a rechargeable battery and possesses many of the same features as the DT-300 series. Constructed of strengthened high-impact plastic, these units feature bright LED displays and phase shift to allow visual analysis of rotating and reciprocating objects. DT-725 stroboscopes are priced at $476.

Also available is the SHIMPO ST-1000 LED stroboscope/tachometer combination. This velocity analyzing and measuring device is ideal for rotational machine inspection. The ergonomic, handheld unit is adjustable in either coarse or fine-step flash-rate tuning. Priced at $219, this unit is used to inspect rotors, meshing gears, vibration diagnostic equipment and much more.

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