AutomationDirect now offers D2-260 CPU for the DL205 PLC

Cumming, GA --- October 15, 2002 --- AutomationDirect has added the D2-260 CPU to their DL205 line of micro-modular PLCs. The new D2-260 CPU offers over 230+ RLL instructions, making it the most powerful of all the DL205 CPUs. Other key features include easy-to-use ASCII instructions, and 16 PID loops with auto-tune. The D2-260 has total memory of 30.4 K, with support for a maximum of 16,384 I/O points.

The D2-260 CPU supports local expansion up to five total bases (one CPU base and four expansion bases). The CPU also offers two communication ports that provide a vast array of communication possibilities. The top port can be used for programming, connection to an EZText/EZTouch or DV-1000 operator interface panel, or as a K-sequence or DirectNET slave. The bottom port supports RS232C or RS422/RS485. Protocol options for the bottom port include K-sequence, DirectNET master/slave, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave, and ASCII In/Out communications. The D2-260 CPU is priced at $299.

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