AutomationDirect introduces line of control transformers

Cumming, GA --- May 15, 2002 --- AutomationDirect has introduced a line of control transformers designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability.

The CPT series of control transformers offers 240/480 VAC and 50/60 Hz primary voltage, and 120 VAC secondary voltage. Designed for industrial applications where electromagnetic devices such as relays and solenoids are used, the CPT series transformers maximize inrush capability and output voltage regulation when electromagnetic devices are initially energized.

They are constructed of Mylar, Nomex and other high-quality insulating materials to electrically insulate turn-to-turn windings, layer-to-layer windings, primary-to-secondary windings and ground. The transformers are vacuum impregnated with VT polyester resin and oven-cured to seal the surface and eliminate moisture.

CPT series transformers are compatible with SG2, SG3 and SG4 finger-safe terminal covers and come with a universal mounting base. They are also UL/CSA/CE approved. Prices for the new control transformers start at $44.

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