AutomationDirect extends relay line relay line extension

Cumming, GA --- March 1, 2006 --- AutomationDirect announces exciting additions to its list of relay products. The unique AD-70-STM-1 Socket Timing Module works with all popular voltages from 24 to 240V AC/DC and converts either the 783 or 784 series relays to time delay relays. For simple timing applications, using the new timing module and a low-cost relay can be more cost-effective than an integrated timer. This module also allows the user to replace the relay without harm to the timing circuit, reducing maintenance costs. The Socket Timing Module has eight dipswitch selectable time scales ranging from 0.1 second to ten days. These scales can be fine adjusted using the built-in potentiometer. The Timing Module is equipped with both transient and reverse polarity protection. With an operating temperature range of -25 to +55 degrees Celsius, the AD-70-STM-1 can be used in virtually any application. The 784-4C-SKT-1 DIN rail mountable socket ($3) works with this module and with the 784 series cube relays.

The new 783-3C series cube relays are available with 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC, or 240 VAC coils. Each relay has a 15A contact rating and is equipped with an LED indicator and a push-to-test button. The 783 series relays are priced at $7. The 783-3C-SKT DIN rail mountable socket is required for use with the 783-3C series cube relays, available for $4.

Also available are three magnetic latching relays. The 755-2C single coil, 16A contact relays are available in 120 and 240 VAC. The 755-2CD-24D is a dual coil, 24 VDC magnetic latching relay with a 16A contact rating. These relays require the 750-3C-SKT 11-pin octal base, available for $4.25. The 755 series relays start at $8.

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