AC Line Reactors and Output Filters for Variable Frequency (VFD) Drives

AC Line Reactors and Output Filters for Variable Frequency (VFD) Drives

Cumming, GA --- March 25, 2020 ... AutomationDirect has added new line reactor models and VTF (voltage time filter) series output filters that protect AC motors and variable frequency (VFD) drives from electrical disturbances.

The LR2 line reactor series adds seven new frame sizes to match all GS, DURApulse and WEG drives. The LR2 series can also be used with a variety of other VFD brands. Line Reactors (from $48.00) are used on VFD line inputs to protect the drive from current spikes created by the utility, switching Cap Banks, impulses caused by across the line motor starting, and helps mitigate drive switching effects from reaching the source supply. On VFD outputs, line reactors protect motors, allow cooler running, and are recommended for operating VFD's with "non-inverter-duty" motors, and for any motors where the length of wiring between the AC drive and motor is less than or equal to 100 feet. For wiring distances over 100 feet, the VTF series output filter is recommended.

Starting at $329.00, VTF series output filters combine line reactor and resistor-capacitor filter circuit to provide protection against voltage wave reflection, especially on long motor cable runs up to 1,000 feet. VTF filters, by increasing voltage rise time, limit voltage spikes from exceeding 1,000V to protect cable runs and reduce motor heating, noise, vibration and motor insulation breakdown.

AC line reactors and output filters from AutomationDirect are UL listed. AC line reactors have a 10-year warranty and output filters a one-year warranty.

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