AutomationDirect® introduces new line of AC drives

Durapulse AC drivesCumming, GA --- March 15, 2004 --- AutomationDirect now offers the DURApulse series of sensorless vector AC drives. Built on the simplicity and flexibility of the company’s GS1 and GS2 series drives, DURApulse drives are available in 1 to 100 HP models and offer sensorless vector and closed loop control, autotuning, 175% starting torque, and 150% rated current for one minute.

Automatic torque and slip compensation, internal dynamic braking circuit for models under 20 HP and programmable jog speed are also featured. DURApulse drives provide three analog inputs (0-10 V, -10 to +10 VDC or 4-20 mA), 16 preset speeds, 11 programmable digital inputs, four programmable outputs (three digital and one relay) and one analog output. The PWM output of the drive is controlled by a 16-bit microprocessor with an output frequency from 0.1 to 400 Hz. Default values were carefully selected so the drives run “out of the box” for most applications, with default values set for the U.S. industrial market.

DURApulse series drives have a removable keypad for programming parameters. The keypad features real language parameter groupings and can store up to four different application programs and can be remotely mounted for easy access to data and parameters. Configuration settings are a superset of the GS series, so programming for the same parameters is identical across all drive lines.

Open serial communications are available with a standard RS-485 MODBUS serial interface, which offers communications up to 38.4 K. An Ethernet option, available through the use of AutomationDirect’s GS-EDRV Ethernet module, allows access to MODBUS TCP/IP or a built-in Web server. The Ethernet option can be combined with AutomationDirect’s KEPDirect EBC I/O server to connect the drives to any OPC client.

DURApulse drives are UL and CE listed and come with a two-year replacement warranty. Prices range from $289 to $3,999.

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