AutomationDirect® offers new Ethernet, DeviceNet, and Profibus networking modules for nano and micro PLCs

Cumming, GA --- March 15, 2003 --- AutomationDirect has developed advanced networking products for their DL05 nano and DL06 micro lines of PLCs. New networking solutions include the H0-ECOM Ethernet Communications Module, D0-DEVNETS DeviceNet Slave Module, and the H0-PSCM Profibus Slave Module.

The H0-ECOM Ethernet Communications Module represents a cost savings breakthrough for a high-speed PLC communication module. Priced at $169, the module provides a 10Mbit Ethernet link for PLC systems and can be used for peer-to-peer PLC communication between two or more DirectLOGIC DL05/DL06 PLCs or between those PLCs and PCs. The module is offered in 10BaseT, using standard RJ45 modular connectors and supporting UDP/IP and IPX protocols. Applications for the H0-ECOM include online programming of DL05/06 PLCs using DirectSOFT32 over Ethernet, and simultaneous data serving to HMI/SCADA and information systems using OPC over Ethernet. The H0-ECOM can accept a standard IP address and subnet mask to be used in conjunction with standard routers and switches.

The D0-DEVNETS DeviceNet Slave Module, priced at $75, transforms any DL05 or DL06 into a smart node on a DeviceNet controller network. It installs into the option card slot of DL05 and DL06 PLCs and collects and reports all I/O data to a DeviceNet master. The module has a removable connector that makes the four-wire connection easy to implement and maintain. It also incorporates advanced diagnostics not commonly found on traditional industrial networks.

The H0-PSCM Slave Communication Module allows any DL05 or DL06 to be networked to any Profibus DP Master. Priced at $259, it offers selectable baud rates from 9.6 K to 12 MB, depending on network length. The module can be configured to allocate up to four blocks of I/O or register memory from the DL05/DL06 PLC to the connected Profibus DP master. Each memory block can range in size from one byte to 64 bytes and can be either input or output memory. AutomationDirect also offers the ERNI ERbic line of Profibus network connectors for the H0-PSCM. The connectors are available in standard and reversed node style, as well as termination style.

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