AutomationDirect® adds combination high-speed counter/ pulse output modules

Cumming, GA --- March 15, 2003 --- AutomationDirect now offers new high-speed counter/pulse output modules for their Terminator I/O and DL405 lines of PLC and I/O products, in addition to their existing DL205 high-speed counter module. The new high-speed counter modules are designed to accept high-speed pulse-type input signals and provide either discrete outputs or a pulse output for position control, speed referencing, or other motion control functions. The modules offer unique flexibility for applications that require counting or timing based on an input pulse, and are designed to work with incremental encoders, or to provide a pulse output signal to a stepper or servo drive.

The modules start at $289 and feature eight DC sink/source inputs at 9-30 VDC, and four isolated sink/source DC outputs at 5-30 VDC. Input configurations supported include two quadrature encoder counters up to 100KHz, or four single channel counters up to 100KHz, and four high-speed discrete inputs for reset, inhibit, or capture. Outputs supported include four independently configurable high-speed discrete outputs or two channels of pulse output control (at 20 Hz – 25 KHz per channel), and pulse and direction or clockwise/ counterclockwise pulses.

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