AutomationDirect introduces new line of AC drives

Cumming, GA --- March 15, 2002 --- AutomationDirect is introducing the GS series of AC drives, a new line designed specifically for the U.S. market. "This new line was designed with simplicity in mind", says Tim Hohmann, company captain of AutomationDirect. "We put a lot of effort into making sure the GS series of drives are simple to program, easy to use, and that they offer simple communications connectivity. "

The GS1 mini AC drive features ¼ - 2 hp, 115 VAC/230 VAC input and 230 VAC output, as well as 3-10 KHz carrier frequency. Four programmable digital inputs and one programmable relay output are also provided. Six GS1 drives are available, ranging in price from $149 to $198.

The GS2 micro drive offers ½ - 7.5 hp at 230 VAC input/output or up to 10 hp at 480 VAC input/output, as well as a programmable 1-12 KHz carrier frequency. The GS2 also features programmable analog input and output, six programmable digital inputs, two programmable relay outputs, and dynamic breaking. Twelve different ratings of GS2 drives are available, ranging in price from $188 to $820.

Both the GS1 and GS2 drives offer simple volts/hertz control, 175% starting torque and 150% rated current for one minute. Automatic torque and slip compensation, as well as DC braking, three skip frequencies, trip history, and programmable jog speed are also included. Both also feature electronic overload protection and stall prevention. S-curve settings for acceleration and deceleration are also provided, along with adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps. An integrated potentiometer or keypad for local speed setting is also provided. The keypad is removable on the GS2 model.

All GS series drives feature a standard RS485 port configured for the MODBUS RTU protocol, which can easily be networked with AutomationDirect's family of DirectLOGIC programmable controllers. RS485 connectivity can be used as a low-cost method of networking multiple GS drives to a DirectLOGIC programmable controller, eliminating the need for additional discrete and analog PLC I/O modules wired to each drive. The flexibility of the three-wire RS485 interface allows for dynamic monitoring of load-critical parameters such as current and voltage, online programming and monitoring of parameter values for speed control, and monitoring of fault status for alarming.

Several accessory options are also available for the GS series drives, including input fuses, input line reactors, output line reactors, EMI filters, dynamic braking resistors, and Ethernet communication modules.

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