AutomationDirect Introduces New Temperature Controllers

SOLO Temperature/Process Controllers

Cumming, GA --- June 27, 2007 --- AutomationDirect announces the addition of the new SOLOTM process/temperature controller line to its list of products. With 22 models, 11 of which are priced under $100, these controllers are powerful process tools that offer flexibility and simplicity.

Available in four standard DIN sizes (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32), each unit is equipped with a dual four-digit, seven-segment display, useful for process variable and setpoint display. Each model offers dual output control, making it ideal for heating and cooling processes. Output configurations are available in various combinations of mechanical relays, pulse outputs and voltage or current outputs. The built-in autotune function with PID control feature allows for fast and easy startups. Flexible control modes include PID, Ramp/Soak, ON/OFF and Manual operation. Universal inputs are standard on all controllers, including thermocouple, RTD, milliamp (mA), millivolt (mV) and DC voltage. Select models are equipped with three available alarm groups.

All SOLOTM process/temperature controllers support 13 types of temperature inputs and five types of analog inputs. All units offer RS-485 serial communications, allowing use of free software (downloadable from to configure and monitor up to eight SOLOTM controllers using Modbus RTU or ASCII protocols. This utility provides the ability to monitor and log historical data and save it to .txt files. RS-485 serial communications also provides connection to a human-machine interface, PC or PLC, allowing applications to react to data being read from the controllers.

SOLOTM process temperature controllers can also be configured manually with the user-friendly keypad on each unit; with simple programming steps, applications can be up and running quickly.

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