AutomationDirect adds Capacitive Pushbutton Sensor Switches and Indicators

AutomationDirect adds Capacitive Pushbutton Sensor Switches and Indicators

Cumming, GA --- June 10, 2020 ... Captron SENSORswitches are capacitive pushbuttons which are activated without pressure, using a hand or other parts of the body. The buttons have a determinate sensing distance, which may be altered by varying the approach speed and/or damping factor. A quickly approaching finger will achieve a higher sensing distance than a slowly approaching finger. A hand, with its larger damping surface, will achieve a greater sensing distance than a finger at the same speed.

These capacitive pushbutton switches are easily installed via M8 connections, use touch control with no mechanical pressure required and offer visual touch feedback through LED signals. The switches are IP69K rated and shock-resistant, vandal proof, 100% water/oil-proof.

These capacitive sensor switches are available in 22mm, 50mm and 60mm mounting diameters. Construction materials include plastic and stainless steel, aluminum or polycarbonate. Corresponding 22mm LED signal indicator Lights are also IP69K rated and have a 20mm diameter illuminated area; green, red, yellow, white, orange, and magenta signal colors are available.

Available switch types are: static, the output signal is continuously on as long as the sensor area is activated; dynamic, the output signal length is limited to settable milliseconds when the sensor area is activated; and toggle, the output signal turns on when the sensor area is activated and stays on until the sensor area is activated again.

Capacitive pushbutton sensor switches from AutomationDirect start at $59.00 and have a 1-year warranty.

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