AutomationDirect and the Boy Scouts of America Launch New Merit Badge

AutomationDirect and the Boy Scouts of America Launch New Merit Badge

Cumming, GA --- July 24, 2013 ... has teamed up with the Boy Scouts of America to inform and inspire the nation's youth about programming. This week, at the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in the mountains of West Virginia, AutomationDirect, Radio Shack, VEX and the Boy Scouts of America are launching the brand new Programming Merit Badge.

The new merit badge is designed to introduce youth to various kinds of software programming. At the National Jamboree, 40,000 Scouts have the opportunity to learn about the Programming Merit Badge using tutorials to understand programming theory for embedded controllers, robotics, and ladder logic using the CLICK PLC. Scouts then perform the different programming tasks in order to receive the new Merit Badge. Early reports have Scouts lining up to earn the new badge. The National Boy Scout Jamboree continues through July 26th, but the Programming Merit Badge is available to all Scouts through the Scouting Merit Badge Program.

Joan Welty, Marketing Director for says, "AutomationDirect is extremely excited to participate in getting this new Programming Merit Badge introduced to the Scouts. We believe that the future of our industry lies with the talented minds of our youth and we want to do everything possible to encourage them to explore the exciting world of factory automation. During this 10-day Jamboree, several thousand young people will learn just how intuitive programming can be with ladder logic and the CLICK PLC. This is a big win for the future of factory automation and the manufacturing industry, and we are proud to play a part."

You can learn more about the new Programming Merit Badge, as well as its requirements, at:

To learn more about the CLICK PLC, go to:

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AutomationDirect and the Boy Scouts of America Launch New Merit Badge


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