AutomationDirect introduces Fusible and Non-Fusible Disconnect Switches

Ferraz fusible and Non-Fusible Disconnects

Cumming, GA --- January 10, 2007 --- AutomationDirect announces the addition of 600 VAC / 250 VDC heavy-duty fusible and non-fusible disconnects from Ferraz Shawmut to its list of power products. Meeting UL98 standards, the SIRCO and FUSERBLOC series are designed with the latest disconnect technology available, "make and break" power circuits under load, and are UL, CSA, CE and IEC rated. A wide array of handles is available for OSHA padlocking requirements, NEMA configurations, defeater options and NFPA 79 requirements.

The SIRCO switches and accessories, starting at $57, have been tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications, such as "service entrance" and main panel disconnects. These heavy duty switches are available in 30-800 amp ratings; switches up to 400 amps are equipped with visible blade contacts. The available defeatable pistol handles automatically re-latch when the panel door is closed, eliminating the need for tools to reset the latch.

FUSERBLOC fusible disconnects and accessories, starting at $85, break up to 200 amps and use double break contacts per pole, isolating the fuse while the switch is in the OFF position. To reduce or eliminate the danger of accidental contact with live, energized parts, these fusible disconnects are supplied with fuse covers and line side shrouding as a standard safety feature. Used with class CC or J fuses, the FUSERBLOC switches provide reliable circuit protection in service entrance or main panel disconnect applications.

Meeting requirements of the NFPA79 standard, these disconnect switches isolate electrical equipment from the supply circuit and have one "OFF" and one "ON" position only. The disconnect switches are designed with a permanent means of being locked in the "OFF" position independent of door position, and can be operated independent of the door position without accessory tools or devices.

All disconnect switch contacts work independently of the speed and force of the operator. Switches up to 400 amps use silver-tipped contact technology, providing high load break characteristics and longer mechanical and electrical life. Such features make them maintenance free and offer an excellent solution for harsh environments. Switches over 400 amps use a self-cleaning technology which provides high short-circuit resistance.

Positive opening operation prevents the handle from reaching the "OFF" position unless the contacts are truly opened. This safeguards users in the case of welded contacts due to an overload or short circuit.

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