AutomationDirect introduces new line of ultrasonic sensors

Cumming , GA --- January 15, 2006 --- AutomationDirect is introducing its new line of UHZ miniature ultrasonic sensors, which includes four models of rectangular through-beam units. Measuring only 30 mm x 20 mm, these miniature sensors are specifically designed for applications with limited mounting space. With two pre-drilled mounting holes, the UHZ units can be surface mounted more easily than traditional 18 mm or 30 mm threaded tubular designs which often require a separate mounting bracket or a large mounting hole and additional locknuts. Through-beam pair sensors are often the most accurate and reliable sensor configurations, but can also be the most costly when compared to traditional diffuse or retro-reflective sensors. The low price of a UHZ series through-beam pair allows it to be a competitive alternative to similarly priced but less accurate sensors. The user benefits from both the small package design and the flexible mounting capabilities and can save on system cost over a fiber optic sensor and amplifier combination. The UHZ series is sold as a through-beam pair starting at only $159.

The four models of the UHZ series support 18-30 VDC input supply voltages. The normally-open UHZ-AN-0A and the normally-closed UHZ-CN-0A feature NPN transistor output configurations. The normally-open UHZ-AP-0A and the normally-closed UHZ-CP-0A support PNP output configurations. The UHZ series has a maximum sensing distance of 300 mm, with no dead zone at close range, enabling object sensing at a variety of distances. The UHZ series has a sensing b eam angle of 15 degrees, allowing for variances in placement of the object between the emitter and receiver. All UHZ s ensors are equipped with a molded 2-meter cable.

For easy setup and maintenance, all models include an LED status indicator on the receiver. The yellow LED is active when the ultrasonic beam is detected, and is off when an object is blocking the beam's path. UHZ sensors are IP67 protection rated, and are rated for an operating temperature range of -5 to +70 degrees C. All units are composed of PBTP (case material) and a ceramic active head. Offering a low current draw of less than 40mA, the UHZ series has a fast response time of 1mS and a switching frequency of 150Hz.

The UHZ series features electrical protection from short circuit, overvoltage, and reverse polarity, minimizing sensor failure resulting from electrical disturbances. The sensor will not operate improperly or fail due to polarity reversal at any terminal. Overvoltage protection is accomplished via a built-in Zener diode at the output, which limits the output voltage to a safe value. If the sensor detects an overcurrent on the output at any time, it will not operate, and will automatically reset when the overcurrent condition is corrected.

The ultrasonic technology in the UHZ series has a great advantage over typical proximity and photoelectric sensors in that they have wide sensing ranges while not being affected by many environmental factors such as dust. The ultrasonic beam is well reflected by almost all materials (metal, wood, plastic, glass, liquid, etc.).Since ultrasonic sensors utilize sound wave technology, they are ideal for applications in which the sensing object is made of clear or transparent materials, or has varying surface color. This allows the user to standardize on one sensor for many materials without any extra setup or sensing concerns. Typical industrial manufacturing applications ideal for the UHZ sensor line are bottling, blown film packaging, tissue, non-woven materials, pulp and paper, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, and package handling systems.

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