AutomationDirect adds new ultrasonic and other photoelectric sensors

Cumming, GA --- January 15, 2006 --- AutomationDirect is adding to its line of ultrasonic and photoelectric sensors, growing its sensor offering to over 800 products. The new lines of UHZ miniature ultrasonic and FARS , MQ and HEE/HER series sensors offer unique capabilities often not available in traditional sensor products.

The UHZ miniature ultrasonic line of sensors includes four models of rectangular through-beam units specifically designed for applications with limited mounting space. Measuring only 30 mm x 20 mm, these miniature sensors are available in 18-30 VDC input supply voltages, with a choice of PNP or NPN transistor outputs, in normally-open or normally-closed configurations. The UHZ series has a maximum sensing distance of 300 mm, with no dead zone at close range, enabling object sensing at a variety of distances.

All models include an LED indicator on the receiver and are IP67 protection rated with an operating temperature range of -5 to +70 degrees C. The UHZ series features electrical protection from short circuit, overvoltage, and reverse polarity, minimizing sensor failure resulting from electrical disturbances. The UHZ series is sold as a through-beam pair starting at $159.

The FARS series is a standard 18 mm tubular diffuse sensor in a non-metal package which features background suppression technology that greatly reduces false readings beyond the specified sensing distance. The FARS series has a sensing distance of 30-130 mm and includes an adjustment potentiometer, further increasing the accuracy of the sensor within its specified range. An LED indicator on the FARS sensors pulses to indicate a weak detection signal, short circuit or an internal sensor failure, allowing maintenance personnel to respond proactively to sensor problems. All models are available in a choice of 10-30 VDC PNP or NPN transistor outputs, in normally-open or normally-closed configurations, with a 2-meter cable or an M12 disconnect. FARS series prices start at $45.

The MQ series is an AC diffuse photoelectric with a unique 90-degree optic package that allows it to be mounted in locations where space is limited. The MQ series fits in a standard 18mm mounting bracket or mounting hole, and is available in a choice of 20-250 VAC outputs in normally-open or normally-closed configurations with an M12 disconnect. All MQ models include background suppression technology with maximum available sensing distances of 50 mm or 100 mm. MQ series prices start at $59.

The HEE/HER series consists of through-beam sensor pairs in a miniature 8 mm tubular stainless steel package. Its small size and rugged IP67 rated stainless steel package make the HEE/HER series a good solution for sensing applications with limited mounting space in harsh environments. All models feature a maximum switching frequency of 10 kHz that accommodates high speed counting or motion control applications. All models are available in a choice of 10-30 VDC PNP or NPN transistor outputs, in normally-open or normally-closed configurations, and an embedded 2-meter cable. HEE/HER series prices start at $80 for a complete emitter/receiver through-beam pair.

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