AutomationDirect™ adds Remote Access Feature to C-more™ operator interface

C-more remote access and control

Cumming, GA --- February 25, 2009 --- AutomationDirect has released a new remote access and control feature to the C-more operator touch panel line, allowing authorized users to connect a PC to the C-more panel from anywhere via an Internet Web browser. The feature resides in the panel and requires no option modules. Since applications can be downloaded from the C-more panel through a PC's Web browser, authorized users can access and control the panel remotely without purchasing or downloading additional software packages.

The remote access feature contains multilevel logon security allowing up to three user accounts. Each account can be configured in one of three password-protected access levels: View Only, View and allow Screen Change only, and Full Control. Each account is tag supported, giving the local operator the ability to enable or disable remote access accounts if required. Once accounts are created, authorized users can remotely control and monitor real-time screen operations, and troubleshoot and test C-more project applications. Users can also view, zoom, print and save screen captures of active screens.

The new feature can be used on any C-more panel equipped with an Ethernet port and firmware version 2.4 or later. C-more programming software version 2.4 or later is also required.

For complete details on C-more's remote access and control feature, visit .

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