AutomationDirect® introduces D2-CM Expansion Base Controller Module

A local expansion I/O solution for AutomationDirect’s DL205 PLC products is now available. The D2-CM Expansion Base Controller Module is placed in the CPU slot of each expansion base and includes PWR, RUN, and DIAG LEDs for systems status indication. It is compatible with D2-260 and D2-250-1 CPUs. Up to four expansion bases can be supported by the D2-260 and up to two by the D2-250-1, at a total distance of 30 meters from the furthest expansion base to the PLC CPU base. The module is priced at $39.

The D2-EM Base Expansion Module is attached to the side of each CPU base and expansion base in the local expansion system. It includes two RJ-45 cable ports for expansion cables to plug into, and a single ACTIVE LED for system status indication. It is priced at $55.

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