AutomationDirect Expands AcuAMP® Current Sensor Line

AutomationDirect Expands AcuAMP® Current Sensor Line

Cumming, GA --- December 4, 2014 ... AutomationDirect's AcuAMP series of AC and DC current sensors is a family of high-performance current sensors offering outstanding features flexibility and durability. Designed in a rugged industry-standard feed-through package, AcuAMP current sensors provide maximum flexibility across many current ratings.

The new ACSN100-AE-F AC current switch ($28) features a fixed setpoint of 0.5A and monitors conductor current up to 100A. The normally open solid-state switch output rated for 120VAC/DC, 0.15A has a small size, making it ideal for use in crowded control panels.

ACSN250 Series AC current switches, available in fixed and split-core styles, also feature a fixed setpoint (fixed core: 0.75A, split core: 1.25A) and monitor conductor current up to 250A. The normally open solid-state switches have an output rated for 240VAC/DC, 0.15A; prices start at $47.

ACSL Series AC current switches feature easy 3/4-turn linear setpoint adjustment. The setpoint range is indicated on the product label and can be set without requiring load current be present. Designed to monitor conductor current up to 150A, these current switches feature a two-second delay before contact transfer to ignore motor inrush current. Available in fixed or split-core styles, these solid-state switches are output rated for 240VAC/DC, 0.15A; prices start at $69.

Additional ACTR series AC current transducers include models with a flexible split core sensing coil for easier installation around large conductors in crowded panels than solid core models. Starting at $295, the transducers have true RMS current sensing ranges of 500A, 1000A or 2000A with a 4-20mA output.

DCT Series DC Current Transducers (starting at $207) are designed for higher current sensing ranges of 500A, 750A, 1000A, or 1200A. The 24VAC/DC powered units have a larger diameter aperture to accommodate larger conductors and provide a 4-20mA output; the fixed core housing is designed with a built-in 35mm DIN rail mounting.

Additional GFSL Series Ground Fault Sensors are designed with a larger diameter aperture and can be configured to operate in either normally open or normally closed mode; 120VAC powered, the fixed core housing features a built-in 35mm DIN rail mount. Large aperture ground fault sensors are priced at $230.

AC and DC voltage transducers are now available. AC models sense up to 500VAC, while DC models can monitor up to 50VDC. Priced at $135, the 4-20mA output transducers have a built-in 35mm DIN rail mounting.

Made in the USA, AcuAMP current switches and transducers are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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