UPDATE: District Court of Illinois rules in favor of
In Case 05-C 5488 Autotech Technologies vs. Automationdirect



Cumming , GA --- December 10, 2005 --- In April 2005, AutomationDirect filed a lawsuit against EZ Automation (Autotech Technologies/AVG) in Federal Court in Atlanta , Georgia for trademark and copyright infringement, as well as false and deceptive advertising. This case (# 1:05 -CV-961-CC) is still pending.

In September 2005, Autotech filed a lawsuit in Illinois against AutomationDirect. During this legal process, AutomationDirect voluntarily agreed to a temporary restraining order that delayed the launch of AutomationDirect's C-more™ HMI product so that the court would have a chance to hear the merits of the Autotech case. This restraining order was in effect for 20 days, and upon the expiration of this order, AutomationDirect launched the C-more product. Autotech had also requested a preliminary injunction against AutomationDirect to prevent the launch of C-more. During late November, the injunction hearing took place, and upon the conclusion of Autotech's presentation and testimony from Autotech's witnesses, the U.S. District Court of Illinois ruled in AutomationDirect's favor, and denied Autotech's preliminary injunction request.

It is AutomationDirect's belief that Autotech's pending lawsuit (case # 05-C 5488) is without merit and intends to prove so in court. Our philosophy remains that legal issues that cannot be resolved otherwise should be decided in the courts, based on facts from both sides, rather than argued in the press. As such, for months, we had refrained from making any details of our own lawsuit public. However, we felt the need to respond to Autotech/AVG's press actions, which provided only their version of the issues. We will continue our philosophy of letting the courts decide legal disputes and will issue further press releases only when those courts make final rulings.

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