NOTE: C-more supports two types of communications using ODVA's (  ) generic Ethernet/IP protocol:

1.)  CIP Implicit I/O Messaging using the Generic Ethernet Module setup in ControlLogix and CompactLogix I/O configuration.

2.)  CIP Explicit Messaging using the CIP Generic Message Type inside of ControlLogix and CompactLogix MSG instructions.

In both of these methods, the C-more panel is the Ethernet Server (Slave) and the CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLC is the Ethernet Client (Master).  As of January 2006, only the ControlLogix Ethernet modules (1756-ENBT and 1756-ENET/B) and CompactLogix Controllers with Ethernet supported this type of messaging.  PLC5 Ethernet, SLC 5/05, MicroLogix 1100 and 1761-NET-ENI are not supported by C-more's Ethernet/IP.