AutomationDirect's SureStep™ stepping system features high performance and torque

SureStepCumming, GA --- August 15, 2004 --- AutomationDirect has launched the SureStep family of products, an open-loop stepping system that provides simple and accurate control of position and speed and offers a solution for applications requiring lower power.

The SureStep family includes four standard motors and a “one-size-fits-all” step motor drive. With holding torques from 83 oz-inch to 434 oz-inch in NEMA size 17, 23 or 34 frames, the motors handle a wide range of automation applications, including woodworking, assembly and test machines. The motors operate on 2.8 A per phase (size 17 motor uses 2.0 A), while their square frame style produces high torque and allows the motors to achieve the best torque-to-volume ratio. All four motors are connectorized for easy hookup.

A 20-foot extension cable with locking connector is a standard option to interface the SureStep motors to the 2-phase microstepping drive. The cable can easily be cut to length if needed. The drive operates any of the four standard motors and features standard +5 VDC optically isolated logic inputs for interfacing with DirectLOGIC PLCs and many other 3rd party controllers/indexers.

A 9-position DIP switch is used to set up the drive; no software or add-on resistors are required for configuration. The DIP switches are used for built-in self test, step angle selection, current level selection and optional idle current reduction.

Step pulses and direction signals from the DirectLOGIC PLCs or other indexers and motion controllers are “translated” by the microstepping drive into precise movements of the stepping motor shaft. The drive uses advanced microstepping technology with selectable step sizes of 400 steps per revolution (divide by 2), 1,000 steps per revolution (divide by 5), 2,000 steps per revolution (divide by 10) and 10,000 steps per revolution (divide by 50). The 2-phase bipolar motors have 200 full steps per revolution or 1.8 degrees per full step.

A standard 32 VDC, 4-amp linear power supply completes the SureStep line. The power supply operates at least two SureStep stepping systems of any size with an auxiliary +5 VDC regulated supply to facilitate DirectLOGIC PLCs and stepping motor drive interfaces.

Prices for the new SureStep motors range from $19 to $99. The microstepping drive is priced at $149, and the power supply is $99.

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