AutomationDirect launches new line of current sensors

AcuAMP Current Sensors

Cumming, GA --- April 18, 2007 --- AutomationDirect announces the addition of current sensors to its product offerings. The AcuAMP series is a family of high performance current sensors offering outstanding features, flexibility, and durability. Backed with a five-year warranty, the complete line of current sensors, transducers, and switches will provide dependable service for virtually any application.

The ACT series current transducers, available in split-core and fixed-core models, has jumper-selectable current input ranges and industry standard 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC outputs. This factory matched and calibrated single piece transducer is more accurate than traditional two-piece field-installed products. ACT series current transducers are ideal for remote monitoring and software alarms. Split-core models make using portable data loggers easy, and simple connection enables power consumption or other motor status display. For safety and to eliminate voltage drop, the output is magnetically isolated from the input. The ACT series current transducers are UL, cUL, and CE approved and prices start at $73.

The ACTR series current transducers combine a current transformer and a True RMS signal conditioner into one unit. Available with 4-20 mA output, ACTR current transducers utilize True RMS technology for accuracy on distorted waveforms such as VFD or SCR outputs. These transducers are an excellent way to monitor motor and load operation via VFD outputs. ACTR current transducers also provide accurate measurement of phase angle fired or burst fired SCRs, giving faster response than temperature measurement. True RMS sensing is the most accurate way to measure power supply or ballast input power. ACTR current transducers are UL, cUL, and CE approved and prices start at $125.

The new AcuAMP series also includes current operated switches equipped with LED status indication. The ACS150 series current operated switches combine a current transformer, signal conditioner, and limit alarm into one package. Available in fixed-core and split-core models, ACS150 switches are ideal for use in monitoring or proof of operation applications. The self-powered ACS150 is equipped with an adjustable setpoint range of 1-150 amps and universal, solid-state outputs and can be tailored to provide accurate and dependable digital indication of over-current conditions for a broad range of applications. ACS150 series current operated switches are UL, cUL, and CE approved and prices start at $63.

The ACS200 series current operated switches are equipped with a choice of three jumper-selectable input ranges so it can be tailored to an application and provide more precision in setpoint adjustment. In addition to being self-powered, standard features include isolated solid-state relay outputs, multiple input ranges, and split-core or fixed-core models. The ACS200 series current operated switches are UL, cUL, and CE approved and prices start at $68.

The ACSX series high-performance current-operated switch has a field-adjustable time delay feature to minimize trips from high inrush or short overload conditions during start-up and operation. These switches are designed for motor status applications where setpoint accuracy and repeatability are critical. The adjustable start-up/delay timer is field adjustable from 0.2 to 15 seconds. The ACSX series is available in either normally open AC or AC/DC outputs for use with most standard motor control systems. The switch serves as an electronic proof-of-operation by detecting current draw changes in motors when they encounter problems such as pumps running dry or pending breaking failure. The ACSX series switch also provides much quicker response time than Class 10 overload relays. The ACSX series switches are UL and cUL listed and CE approval is pending. Prices start at $79.

The complete AcuAMP series of transducers and switches can utilize a DIN rail adapter priced at $3.50 for a pack of two.

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