AutomationDirect adds DL06 micro PLC to their DirectLOGIC line of Programmable Logic Controllers

Cumming, GA --- April 15, 2002 --- AutomationDirect has added the DL06 micro PLC to the company's DirectLOGIC line of programmable logic controllers. Starting at $199, the new DL06 offers fixed models of 36 I/O points, or up to 100 I/O points with expansion I/O. "The new DL06 micro PLC provides incredible features not found in other micro PLCs, and it's offered at half the price of the competition," says Tim Hohmann, founder and company captain of AutomationDirect. "More features at half the price make the DL06 the best 'price for performance' PLC we've ever offered, and it's suitable for a large variety of both discrete and small process applications."

The new DL06 is AutomationDirect's first micro PLC to combine fixed I/O of 20 inputs and 16 outputs with four option card slots for expansion (discrete, analog, and communication modules), all in the same package. Nine different discrete modules in 8, 10, and 16-point DC and Relay versions are offered, starting at $42, as well as four analog modules in mA and voltage versions, starting at $79, and a DeviceNet slave module for $75. With the DL06, the same PLC panel layout can be used for all applications from 36 to 100 I/O. It is offered in a variety of I/O combinations and power supply options, including eight models of either AC or DC-supplied units with combinations of AC, DC, and Relay I/O.

The DL06 features 14.8 K total memory and 229 instructions, including 8 PID loops with built-in autotune capability. It also offers two communication ports for programming and operator interface connectivity, as well as RS232/422/485 networking, ASCII In/Out, and Modbus RTU. Features not traditionally found
in micro PLCs include integrated high-speed inputs and pulse outputs and a built-in real-time clock/calendar.

For an additional $59, an optional LCD display for operator interface or maintenance troubleshooting is offered. The LCD snaps onto the front of the DL06 for operator interface capability right at the PLC. The LCD display features two rows by 16 characters, large 14-point characters for easy readability, and seven function keys. It also supports password functions for changing data register setpoints, and allows for setting of the date and time from the keypad. User-defined messages can be programmed in the ladder logic for display on the LCD panel to show important values, events, alarms or faults.

With the addition of the DL06, several new features are now supported by DirectSOFT32 programming software. At $149, DirectSOFT32 BRICK (PC-PGM-BRICK) supports over 220 instructions, such as floating point math, FOR/NEXT loops, drum timer, subroutines, immediate I/O, and new easy-to use fill-in-the-blank ASCII In/Out instructions. Convenient features such as compare contacts, bit-of-word addressing and assignable nicknames make troubleshooting and programming simple. Programming can be done in ladder logic or RLLPLUS Stage Programming, which combines the best features of flowchart-style programming with ladder logic.

AutomationDirect sells over 3,500 feature-packed products through its Online Automation Superstore and new 1,300-page catalog. The company offers its customers high-quality automation products, which are often priced at half the industry average, 24-hour order entry and overnight delivery, the best documentation in the industry, outstanding sales and technical support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For a free catalog, access their Web site at or call 800-633-0405.


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