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 Break Room
Brain Teasers
By Chip McDaniel, AutomationDirect
1.) Pallet Puzzle
A chain factory has three chain making machines of varying capability. The first two machines can process a certain job in forty-five minutes. The first and third machines can process the same job in an hour, but the second and third machines require 90 minutes to complete that same amount of work.
If all three machines were to tackle the job at once, how long would they take to complete it?
3.) Lone Welders
  didn’t have the count for the individual pallets – but was told that there were 52 puzzles on the first two pallets, 43 on the second and third combined, 34 on the third and fourth, and 30 on the fourth and fifth. Can you help the clerk determine the quantity of puzzles on the individual pallets?
Did you know our FREE 2-day delivery for orders over $49 even applies to palletized shipments?
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New Product Focus
- Expaded communications and analog I/O capabilities for the
- Control cabinet cable entry systems
- DURApulse® GS20 Series high performance AC drives
- ProSense® Advanced Process Conrollers
- Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers
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Break Room
The puzzle factory cranked out 100 of their new giant floor puzzles and placed them on five pallets for shipping. The shipping clerk
   2.) Chain Gang
The same factory also has three chain welding machines. Machines A and B can weld a given length of chain in 10 minutes. Machines A and C can weld the same length of chain in 9 minutes and machines B and C can weld it in 8 minutes. How long would it take each machine to weld that exact length by itself?
Didjaknow? We offer weld-slag resistant sensors in both standard and Factor 1 sensing with a special coating to reduce buildup of weld slag. These DC-powered (10-36V) harsh-duty inductive proximity sensors detect the presence of ferrous and other metallic objects. They have rugged stainless steel or brass threaded-barrels with LED indicators, and are available with 3m pigtail cables or quick-disconnects.
See more about our Weld coated sensors
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