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it with two vertical, plexiglass tubes through which cucumbers are manually loaded by an operator
for gravity feed. As the 120-volt continuously-ro- tating slicer operates, the VFD-driven reciprocator mechanical arm drives the slicing carriage back- and-forth. Each stroke produces two, thin cucumber slices, dropping onto the product conveyor for delivery to the eager consumer. Unused slices fall into a stainless-steel bar container to later be used for garnishing if desired.
To power the system, a 230VAC feed is supplied by an onboard diesel generator or by external “shore” connection—the engineering team created provisions for using both U.S. and European utility industrial standards. Initially concerned with generator-induced current or voltage fluctuations causing VFD damage, the team worked with support staff at AutomationDirect to specify line reactors installed on the incoming side of the VFDs
for protection.
With further assistance from AutomationDirect, the engineering team generated an automation system bill of materials calling for parts exclusively sourced by AutomationDirect: PLC, HMI, VFDs, motors, transformer, power supply, line reactors, relays, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, wiring and cables, and other panel components. During the Garnisher’s three seasonal tours, there has not been a single automated equipment incident or failure.
Retro Garnisher, Modern Automation
Back in the grand duke’s garden, you line up with your friends to receive the perfect, fresh garnish for your cocktail, marveling at the creativity that automation makes possible. Using AutomationDirect hardware and software, the engineering team
at Salmon Studios creatively animated what has become a staple image of Hendrick’s Gin.
From the project outset, the engineering group has been pleased with the simplicity of selecting, acquiring, installing, and programming the automa- tion system components. Following three successful tours, the question is now, “what will we build
next?” The Grand Garnisher is an inspiring piece, showcasing excellence in practical function and an extravagant aesthetic.
Figures, all courtesy of AutomationDirect, Salmon Studios, and Hendrick’s Gin.
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